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09/07/14; Life on land - Visiting Relatives, Car wrecks, Apartment Life,  Derek goes to real school   
Goodbye to our loved boat and Cross Country Trip
05/18/14; Life at Marineland, FL
Heading north and the Atlantis water park

04/05/14; Still in Georgetown
03/01/14: Welcome back to Georgetown Bahamas
5 day passage from Puerto Rico
02/20/14; Underwater camera is working; Presents in February; Mega shopping

02/15/14: Culebra, St. Thomas and a new camera
The Baths and Scrounging for stuff

01/17/14; St. Martin, The Big Boat Project and Goodbyes
01/26/14; British Virgin Islands
Happy New Year

12/23/13; Merry Christmas
12/17/13: rain, wind, did I mention rain?  
12/08/13: Mount Pelee
12/02/13: Pigeon Island St. Lucia and Zip lines
11/26/13: to St. Lucia 
11/21/13: almost leaving Hog Island  - rig failure
11/18/13: Grenada in review
11/08/13: Movies, Halloween, water collection, shoes/sandals  
A trip to Trinidad
Life in a routine
water slides, cricket, America's cup
Tobago Keys and snorkeling
Chocolate and waterfalls
A "normal" week in Grenada
Kid's weeks at Hog Island
and the watch begins :)
Cleaning the boat     
Made it to Grenada

06/20/13; Beautiful Martinique
06/06/13; The rest of Dominica visit
05/31/13;  Les Saintes boat race, Dominica hikes
05/25/13;  Backpack, Baggetts, Bus Rides, Black Sand, Boat race
05/12/13; Antigua and Barbuda 
Luxury yacht, rest of Antigua

05/01/13; BVIs to St. Martin
St. Martin (Dutch & French), Carnival

04/12/2013; St. Thomas, St. Croix
03/25/13; Fixing the engine again????   Culebra
03/19/13; Vieques, Fajardo, and the wisdom of "Captain Ron " 
03/11/13; Puerto Rico so far 
02/22/13; Finally Puerto Rico  :)  
Wind Surfing, a new school lesson?

02/10/13; Missed it by that much 
Our Dominican Republic  visit
01/31/13; Touring the Turks and Caicos  
01/13/13; Georgetown and Long Island - Bahamas
Going to the Turks and Caicos

12/17/2012; Rough seas and engine failure, but sun, clear water and snorkeling at last 
12/27/12 -
Happy Holidays 2012

12/07/12- Miami Beach
11/22/2012 - Visitors from the West
11/9/2012 -  
Motoring the Georgia ICW

10/31/2012 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN
10/16/2012 - Travelling the ICW
10/3/2012 -
Ode to Oso
Annapolis boat show

09/30/12; a week on the hard
hauling the boat

09/08/12; New York and the East River
09/12/12:  Reefing, Cold weather UFO's, Whales and Water
09/05/12; Heading South, again :)
08/21/12; Mystic Seaport for two weeks and sailing lessons
08/02/12; Stratford, New London, Newport, Block
7/11/12; Visits, repairs, maintenance and shopping
06/29/12 Charleston and then North
The Blow
06/19/12 Will leave Charleston SC and head to Beaufort NC, then up to Norfolk, will update then
Abaco recap and onto the US

5/16/12 Weather forecast or predictions
5/9/12 Derek's Nightly Movies
Election time here in the Bahamas
Exploring the Eleuthera Island
4/28/12; Conception Island,  Lion Fish, finally north bound
4/18/12; Blue holes, free diving and Columbus
Visitors; Terry, Mary, Clara, and Jacob Hearst
up to Lee Stocking and back again
03/22/12 the Ides of March
Derek goes diving
03/01/12; Names and Locations
George Town excitement

The wonders of George Town
02/08/12; 5 F festival, boat racing
02/10/12; missing a prop
Derek's youtube videos;
    Video 1
    Video 2

1/29/12; when are A, B, and C not grades???
01/25/12; Black Point, movies, radio, reading, dog walks
1/17/12 pigs, caves and nurse sharks????
01/07/11 blue and bluer water
What If's recent anchorages
12/27/2011  Lake Worth (North Palm Springs) and Christmas
Happy Holidays 2011
12/08/11 Vero Beach and south
11/30/11 Curiosity, Jeannie, Alligators
11/17/11, into Florida and the sun :)
11/05/11 Charleston, so much to see and so little time to see it
 11/08/11 is it Beaufort or Beaufort?
10/25/11 Bald Head Island NC, the myth the legend, the memories
10/21/11 Beaufort/Irene and the wonderful world of epoxy
10/15/11 Ocracoke Island, North Carolina
What If song
10/9/2011 - Norfolk, VA and  down the Dismal Swamp Canal.
09/27/11 bikes, joggers and museums
09/22/11 up the Potomac to Washington DC
9/18/11 Leaving Annapolis
9/6/11 First day of school!
9/2/11 After a month or so
8/28/11 Irene update
8/25/11 Lighting Storms, Small Craft Warnings, Hurricanes and Earthquakes
8/17/11 Chaz and Dylan Stolba
8/15/11 and it begins
8/5/11 We left
7/29/11 18 days and still speaking to each other
7/12/11 Cruising the USA in a 92 Jeep; 3 humans,  2 dogs, 1 cat


Moving the boat to our home

Getting the boat from Charleston SC to Bridgeport CT with help from family.

As of February 2014 our agenda/travel plans


Stories of our past adventures

The Final Prep

Getting everything ready to leave by August of 2011