Well, here we are in Annapolis, MD.
We paid $30 to spend a night on the mooring because it was late and we really didn't see anywhere to anchor.  We hate spending money on mooring when we have a perfectly good anchor on the bow.  When the dockmaster came to collect our fee, we asked him about anchoring, and he suggested a few spots for us and we have now moved to a spot and are on anchor.
It is a very rainy day, and tomorrow will be as well.  We are running the engines to charge our batteries for the first time due to prolonged cloudiness, and are not happy with the slowness of the charging, so we will have to look into that.
Since it is rainy, and we don't plan on leaving the boat today, we decided to start school.
Derek was all excited and a little nervous.  When we got out all the materials it looked pretty cool, but then the work started and the schedule was laid out, and it all became just school like.
School is going well, Derek is the top student in the class.  His friends Sam and Oso are keeping him company.  Mom and Dad are switching back and forth with the teaching.
Derek doesn't like it when Mom talks in her teacher voice.  He says it sounds like Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter movies - kind of scary.
Mom is still working on the evil giggle to go with the voice.




First day of school

Sam and Oso on the rainy school day

Derek hitting the books