To be done
-remove wine rack and build storage
-make bags to hang outside for storage by entry  door
-change door hinges on cabins
-Plug holes in cabin doors, swap hinges and latch
-make two storage/seats for dining
-resew stitching on jib cover
-resew main cover and revise
-sew new window sun screen
-get new foam for aft cushions
-install stern seat
-install water maker
-clean, buff and wax hull
-refinish floors
-paint black between saloon windows white
-clean port fwd deck locker and paint
-fix all lockers on stern - repair locks, clean and paint
-seal top of rub rail
-hook up hoses in port head
-Reseal around all stantions, cleats
-clean starboard fwd deck locker and paint
-put rain shields on outside ports
-Replace hatch in v berth
-put on new name
-remove engine controls and clean and check for corrosion
-ref and ice box drain line or seal complete
-clean and paint port bilge
-clean port mid deck locker and paint
-remove wheel console and check and clean up all wires
-repair spots in port bilge
-lube through hulls
-grind port bilge spots for later repair
-put in new clear screen (isinglass, plexiglass??)
-install new solar panels
-alum plate on refrigerator and fan? on ice box side
-fix frig closing system / replace seals on fridge freezer
-clean and paint speaker covers
-repair/replace holding tank gauges
-replace lights in main cabin
-go through and order a list of spares
-Purchase and install TV/monitor
-Install Bitstorm wifi
-install new helm seat
-install cases for batteries
-install new batteries
-Purchase and install new stereo
-install autohelm compass
-add 2 new vents to fridge freezer  3 3/4 hole opening
-remove old generator wiring???
-new light for over kitchen stove
-measure steering cables and order spares
-drill drain in rudder shelves
-rewire electrical in port bilge
-install bath cabinet, put in plugs and finish
-get spare water jugs
-get spare diesel jug
-install new clock and barometer
-new bulbs or lights for main cabin
-remove steering cable, inspect and ???
-put lower mirror for Derek
-revise light so Derek can turn on in starboard head
-measure size of hold for storage measurement in Derek's berth
-de-corrode all electrical fittings
-install louvers on outside of main windows
-lubricate masthead sheaves with Teflon grease
-Find out about Wifi and vpn for boat
To buy at cheapest price
7" x 8" mrror for Dereks bath
1 diesel jug
racks with plastic baskets and curtain rod to hold for frig
Bitstorm Wifi stuff
2 water jugs
new vents for fridge freezer that are 3 3/4 inch hole or cold plate
new light for over stove 18" max length
22.5" by 10.25 "  rain shield - 2
stereo mp3 player
17.25"  by  10.25"  rain shield - 6
slider for helm seat
new helm seat
window shades for outside
2 trojan t105 batteries
dining storage seats
name for boat
TV  22" wide for 3" thick.  Max 21" tall
strataglass for bimini
135 watt kyocera solar panels (northern arizona and wind $360 each) (energy bay including shipping $773)
aft cushion foam
bookshelf made
lights for interior
replacement hatch for Bowmar hatch 9401503  which is 20" by 20" opening size
Other electrical monitoring stuff
stern swing seat
Echo tec watermaker
pen/pencil/divider holder for top of chart table
Plastic bins for V berth that are 15 3/4 x 23" for front or 2' x 3' for top opening
battery cases
50' of 1 1/2 inch sanitation hose
more sampson XLS 1/2 inch white with green and red flek
12" x 11 7/8 inch cutting board for galley with finger hole in it
bilge paint - white
I may be April's Fool day but it is also the weekend of Defender's grand sale.  We made the trip and found several of our project parts so ended up spend time and money.  Now we have less reasons for the boat work not getting done. 

We have been trying to do some work on the weekends but with weather in the lower 40s it is difficult to stay motivated to do the work.  The warmer weather is coming and then the mad rush will be on to complete everything by June.