A few projects prior to leaving

The boat made it fine from Charleston SC to Bridgeport CT but there were a few items that did not work ideal.  We tend to work off a list and so the list was started and is still on going. 

Rigging:  Replaced main halyard, jib halyard and main sheet.

Plumbing: New hoses in both heads.  Removed extra thru hull in both heads and glassed over the hole.  New holding tank in port head.  Now the particularly unpleasing odor the boat had is completely gone and everyone is much happier.

Electrical:  One of the reasons we did not have power to start with is we found the alternators on the engine were not properly connected to the main power, and the solar panels were not hooked up properly as well.  That is now fixed with some basic rewiring, and the addition of a blue sky solar controller, but we will need to add two more panels, and some combiners to the electrical system.  When we purchased the boat the batteries were dry, so chances are we need new batteries, but will tackle that later.

The radar also did not work and found a loose wire for that fix.  We had to do some repairs on the autopilot controller on the trip up from South Carolina, and then it went out again after an electrical storm.  We put in a new controller, and new wind speed direction unit as well.

Windlass: The windlass worked well on the maiden voyage, but while doing routine maintenance found two sheared off bolts and lots of rust.  We tried to disassemble and repair, but ended up having to purchase a new Lewmar windlass after all.

Engines: A small oil lead in the starboard engine was not a small problem to fix, but it was nice to do maintenance on the engines.  Both engines had the exhaust elbow cleaned, heat exchangers cleaned, new raw water valves and strainers, new fuel filters, new gaskets, oil changes and filters.

Both engines also were cleaned and painted, as well as the entire engine compartment getting cleaned and painted.

Steering systems:  Replacing a small grease fitting on the steering cable conduit led to replacing both rudder bearings, one steering quadrant, four cable ends, and finally the grease fitting.

Old rudder bearing, a bit used

Nice clean engine room, now :)