95% of our boating experience has been on mono hulls, mainly racing from J22s to a Beneteau 45. Kris’s dad owns a F27 trailer trimaran that we have sailed a few times.  In 1992 Dean and Kris purchased a 36 foot Cascade mono hull and cruised the western coast of the US and into Mexico.  This is a light weight boat, 12,000 lbs, and as we came down the coast the boat usually only needed its jib up to hit boat speed.  In the Sea of Cortez the light winds were not an issue for our boat and we could usually sail from anchorages to anchorages.  The anchorages were all fairly deep and the boat was easily handled with just one person.  We sailed for two years and then went back to the world of making money and being on solid ground.


Based upon all the great people and families we met on our first cruise we talked about going again when our son was 10 to 12.  The opportunity has now come up so we started to look for a boat that would fit our family.  Our needs now are slightly different then when we went the first time.  We thought a slightly heavier boat would be nice, we wanted to have a shallow draft for the islands  and our son’s dog would be joining us as well so we wanted easy access in and out of the dingy.


We started with many mono hulls on our mind but eventually went and looked at a catamaran which fit our needs very nicely.  After deciding two hulls vs. one the real work began because we did not know much about the multihull designs or performance.  The price of a multihull compared to a mono hull is higher and so that limited our choices as well.  Our list narrowed down to a Gemini 105, for two it would have been nice but 3 and a dog just made it too small.  A PDQ 36 looked good but we thought with a dog it would be nice to have a larger dinning/entry area.  We looked at a Victory 35, and a Prout 37 as well.  Since we have cruised before, we had an idea of what we wanted, and non of these met our criteria.  We saw many boats we liked online, but unfortunately our budget did not like them.   Dean finally spotted a boat on Craiglist that we had ruled out as too expensive, but this one we could afford.  After looking at it, we knew it was the boat for us.  So far, we are very happy with the Manta 38 Catamaran.

Selection of the Boat