Over the life of owning What If we have stayed very few times at a marina, usually we are anchored out.  We pulled into Marineland Marina less than a week ago and it has been nice tied up to a floating dock and being able to walk over to a nice hot shower.  We had a plan for what was going to happen in the upcoming month but they have happened a bit faster than we thought.

First of all we have accepted an offer on our boat.  On Tuesday we met with the potential buyers and showed them the boat.  Later that day they came back and made an offer which we accepted.  On June 5th we were planning on hauling the boat but now we will haul the boat for the survey.  All along we had planned on selling the boat but we only hoped it would sell this fast.  Kris is a bit teary eyed from time to time about leaving, but she is only sad about leaving "What If", and not about the people buying her.  The new owners are super nice folks, that we know will take care of her and love her like we do.

Second thing we needed to do is find a vehicle to drive.  Lots of discussion on what type to buy but in the end we settled upon a minivan.  So between the Honda, Toyota, and Nissan we did research and then rented a car and drove up to Jacksonville to sit in them and see how they would work.  We settled on the Honda Odyssey and then figured out we wanted a 2008, 2009, or 2010 EXL model.  Back to the computer and after all the searching we found one that met our needs at a price we thought was reasonable.  So on Friday we took the money out of the bank, that is a story all by itself, and paid for a 2010 silver Honda Odyssey EXL.  Now we are buying a few storage bins that fit in the back to make sure we can get all our stuff into the van for the drive out west.

Third is finding a job or jobs.  We have not really been looking for work thinking the first two tasks would take a bit more time but now we will have to start that fun task.  We had gotten a phone SIM card from the American Virgin Islands but have found that the phone number is not 100% reachable by land lines in the US so today we went and got another phone number that we can put on the resumes incase someone wants to interview us.  Now we just have to find that job that is fun, high paying, and is in a location that is ideal.

So the fourth issue is determining where we want to live.  Do you want the cold and snow vs. warm and hot?  How about hilly vs. flat?  We have not agreed yet and what options we all want so part of the drive out west to visit family and friends will be to explore some of the areas we have heard about but not seen with our own eyes.

All in all our four year adventure has been quite member able and the journey/adventure is not over.




05/18/14; Life at Marineland, FL

What If at Marineland marina

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