We are here in Georgetown, but we did leave for a short trip and sailed up to Staniel Cay and back, with a couple of stops in between.  While anchored in Georgetown we had a couple of fishy friends hang out with us.  A couple of remora's found a home beneath our boat and were there for the 4 days we were at anchor.  They are strange looking fish, and we found out that they enjoyed eating leftover pasta, dog food, bread, and most anything else, except lettuce.

Off of Rudder Cay, which is privately owned, there is a small bay and if you dive down, you can see a statue of a mermaid at a piano.  Rumor has it that the island is owned by David Copperfield, and that is also who placed the statue, but who knows.  We just know it was fun to snorkel.  The current was ripping when we went to snorkel and it took everything we had to stay in place.  It took Derek three tries to get down the 15' to the statue and stay in place for the photos.  It was everything Kris could do just to stay in place against the current to get the photos.

The next stop was at a large sandbar - at least at low tide it is.  It was fun to anchor out in the middle of nowhere (seas were light), and then go walking on the sand in the middle of nowhere.    We saw lots of starfish and sand dollars, and Sam enjoyed chasing the ball.

At Big Farmers Cay, we got to swim with a sea turtle, who was quite large.  We swam with some turtles in the Grenadines, but this guy was much bigger.

Up at Staniel we went out for a nice dinner with "Good Trade" and their guests, and then headed back to Georgetown with "Good Trade". Near the end of April is a Family Regatta, which the locals party and sail their home made local sailboats in races which will be fun to see.

Dean and Sam go for their daily walk on the beach here, while Derek does school with Kris.  After lunch, then Dean play volleyball, and Derek goes knee boarding, or other stuff with the kids around.  Kris usually works on boat projects (trying to get it all spiffy looking to sell), or goes for a walk or reads a good book.

Life in Georgetown is comfortable, we all get into a nice routine.  Grocery stores and other stores are close by if something is needed, and most of all - IT IS WARM!    We just can't seen to head north yet, as we get chilled at nights here, we can't imagine life below 70 degrees.  Hopefully in May when we head back, Florida will be warm enough for us.




04/05/14; Still in Georgetown