The water is absolutely amazing, blue, clear and in the mid 70s.  You can see the bottom go by as you are sailing -  it is a bit unnerving even though it is still 30 to 50 feet deep.  There are soooo many shades of blue as well - from the light blue shallow sandy areas to the deep dark blues of the deep areas.  We do not have air tanks so snorkeling has been our thing but since you can see so deep I am not sure we have missed out on much.  Yesterday we were able to snorkel in 10 feet of water with nursing sharks, rays, and fish (not too bad for the first week in January).

Our first port of call in the Bahamas was Alice Town in North Bimini where we cleared customs, immigration and raised our Bahamas flag.  The crossing from Florida to the Bahamas is always iffy but we had a great day of sailing and the seas were somewhat calm.  From there we made a short stop at New Providence west end and then it was onto "Iguana land" at Allen Cay in the Exumas.  (all the "Cays" are pronounced "Key")  We anchored in 10 feet of sandy bottom, a bit of a current but overall very nice.  There was some bad weather the next few days so we thought this would be a great spot to spend time walking around the island and spying on the iguanas, it is a natural refuge for iguanas so there were many running around.  There were several other boaters in the anchorage and one girl had her 2nd birthday.  That required a beach party, a scavenger hunt, and a history lesson in French.  The family is from France so they had made a list of trivia questions for all the beach goers to answer, before you got any food.

We now have made a huge leap of 5 miles to Highborne Cay and are anchored in 15 feet of clear blue water.  We found wifi at the anchorage so are jumping at the chance to catch up on emails and websites.  Kris found out here Aunt Bev passed away on Monday so having the internet is helpful.  Derek and Kris did take a walk and found that if they waited at the bus stop it might be awhile, at least it was for the other guy.  On the way back they were very thirsty and were excited to see the signs for a spring.  Well the only spring they found was a rusted one hanging from a tree - people on this island have a  good sense of humor.




Update 01/07/11; blue and bluer water