Well we made it to Georgetown Bahamas a month earlier than last year.  We thought last year we would continue on to the Caribbean but did not, so this year we left the U.S. earlier and planned on getting to Puerto Rico by mid Jan.  So far we have not made it past the Bahamas but it really isn't our fault - blame the weather.

When we left the US we waited 3 weeks in Miami Beach Florida waiting for the winds to die down and let us head east.  Since arriving in Georgetown we have been waiting for the winds to allow us to head east.  I suppose we could be the tough sailors' and brave the 10 foot seas and 20/30 knots of winds out of the east and just "Do It" but I guess we are a bit more of wimps or prudent sailors.

The time here we have used to: play volleyball, Derek play with his friends, walks on the beach, potlucks with other boats, project completions, Kris helping other boaters with projects.  So you see the time has not been wasted.  And with the cabin temperature staying around 75 to 80 Kris has stayed warm during the days and nights :). 

There are now 100 + boats here at the anchorage and probably 20% are waiting for a weather window to head east.  Some will continue on to the Caribbean Islands while others will head east then south onto Panama.  Over the next month to the number of boats will increase to over 300, most coming for the winter and the cruiser regatta/party.  There are several folks that we had met last year that are arriving here now so it has been fun catching up on their past years travel and activities.

On Jan 15th we left Georgetown and made it to Long Island Bahamas, not a long trip but it is 35 miles further east.  As the weather looks now we should be able to leave the northern end of Long Island on Sunday and head east.  Over the next 4 to 5 days we will go south and  east as long as the weather allows  with the hope of arriving in the western end of Puerto Rico.  But as you have seen our plans are always flexible depending upon weather and conditions.

We will be travelling in the company of our friends on "Good Trade", so at least if the trip is miserable we will have company.




01/13/13; Georgetown and Long Island - Bahamas

Boats at Georgetown

Get together with friends

The wild kids :)
Puerto Rico flag sewn by Kris
Long Island Grocery store
End of the rainbow