We had a nice Christmas.  We all got together over on the boat Day Dreamer.  Yes, all 20 of us.   Us, Pollux, Elin, Emily Grace, and Day Dreamer got together for Christmas Eve.  The kids did Secret Santa gift exchange, and everyone was very happy with their treasures.   The next morning, we had the normal gift ripping party on "What If", and we all got some surprises and nice treats for Christmas. 

Later Christmas day, we moved from the Pigeon Point anchorage in Guadeloupe, back up to the Deshaies anchorage because Pigeon Point was rolly again.  The rest of Christmas was relaxing and eating - like any other normal Christmas.

The day after Christmas (Boxing day), we left and had a pleasant 48 mile sail up to Antigua.  We even spotted a couple of whales. 

The next morning we checked in, and spent a week at the Falmouth Harbor anchorage in Antigua.  It was nice and calm in there, and our friends on Pollux joined us, as well as Emily Grace.  The next day, we saw Day Dreamer, Elin and Spirit of Argo pull in as well.   

Pollux bought a one week membership at the local yacht club, and that entitled them to use of the small sailboats the yacht club has as well.  The boys off Pollux were kind enough to share, and Derek had a good time sailing around the anchorage.   

Kris got to play Mexican train dominoes on the beach one last time with the gang, which was fun, even though she lost yet again.

The weather was looking good for a trip.  The wind had been over 25 knots for over a week, and finally we were getting a break, and we decided it was time to move while the weather was good.  We left Falmouth harbor, and moved around to Jolly Harbor to get groceries and check out.  Then headed out at 3:00 a.m. to make the 80 nautical mile run to St. Barts.   We did OK, and passed Gustavia Harbor in St. Barts with our mouths hanging open at all the Mega Yachts.  We kept going and took a mooring at a small island to the west of St. Bart's called Ile Fourche.

The next morning we hiked around on the island, which is uninhabited, and had lots of trails and great rocks to climb.  However the weather was picking up again, and a decidedly unpleasant roll was occurring in the anchorage, so around noon, we hoisted anchor and headed for St. Martin where we began to tackle the "Big Boat Project"




01/01/14; Happy New Year

Our Christmas Eve spread

The parking lot

The gang at Christmas Eve

This boat probably did not have as good as food
as us on Christmas Eve. :)

Christmas morning on "What If"

Kris got a new cup for tea - looks like she needs some

Dean with his pizza cutter and towel

Derek is always happy when cash shows up

Whale sighting on the way to Antigua

Derek sailing in the anchorage

Mexican train dominoes on the beach

Near the top of Ile Fourche, looking at anchorage

Windy day at top of island

Derek and Dean are king of the rock