One of our routines in the evenings is to watch a DVD on the TV.  The TV is not that big but it does break up the evening and usually we eat dinner and have some popcorn during the show.  We had a few movies and have added many on the way south with our biggest increase coming from Glenn and Linda McConnell when they sent us 55 movies they taped from TCM and AMC.  You know all the classics that you always wanted to watch but never took the time.  The other night we watched "South Pacific" and other than Derek being very bored of all the songs we enjoyed it.  Prior to that we had gone through all the Harry Potter movies, that was Derek's selection.

We have been anchored at Black Point for about a week now, the anchorage has been good for the winds, the village has good roads for walking the dogs, there is a great laundry facility, and we have snorkeled around the smaller islands.  We are planning on going to the Little Farmer's Cay 5F Festival, the "First Friday in February Farmers Cay Festival".  It is only 15 miles away so we do not really have a push and since we have been enjoying the area why rush.  After that we will eventually get to George Town, Exumas.  There are reported 150 or so other cruisers anchored there so should be able to find a few kids for Derek and other folks for us to hang out with.  Dean's brother and wife will fly into George Town the 1st of March for a week on the boat.

The weather forecast is not as easy to get when you leave the US where you can listen to the VHF and get the NOAA weather reports.  There are several HAM radio operators who have scheduled broadcasts for boaters in different parts of the world.  We have the option to listen to a 6:30, 7:20 and 7:30 report, of course the 6:30 is the preferred one but when you do not have to get up early the 6:30 report does not always get listened to.  The biggest concern is which direction is the wind blowing from and how strong.  As a front passes through the area the winds will clock from the north to east, then south, and finally west.  Depending upon how strong the front is the winds could make one anchorage good for a couple of nights but then you need to move to another one that is good for the other wind directions.

Kris and Sam went for an exciting walk the other day, and were trying to find a trail to circle the north end of the island.  They didn't find a trail, so they ended up making their own, which consisted of hiking over porous rock, through the wild brambles, threading though mangrove roots and even some wading for Kris and swimming for Sam.  Sam was quite happy with the whole adventure, but they were both happy when they finally made it back to the road.  Sam had to have a bath on the return.

We took a trip to a neighbor island to look at some caves (depressions in the hill), watch some osprey and see the iguanas.  We did some snorkeling as well, and saw some very large sea cucumber, as well as the normal assortment of coral, and fish. 

We have been here long enough all the town folks are getting used to seeing the dogs, and just walk right up to pet them now.  We get many comments about Oso being a "wolf dog", and most people ask what kind he is.  We tell them he is and Alaskan Malamute, and we get blank stares, then we say he is a sled dog, and everyone smiles and says "Ahhh".  All the little kids are afraid of the dogs, but after seeing them a couple of times, now they run up and pet them.  Oso is doing OK in the heat as it helps his arthritis, but we have had to really cut down on the length of his walks.  Sam seems to be thriving.  We left the dogs on the boat the other day in their harnesses, and with bones, but when we came back Sam was out of his harness, but still on the boat waiting for us - we were quite relived to see.  The dogs have taken to sleeping on deck all night which keeps Kris up with worry, so we have more homemade netting all around the boat now, and she only gets up two or three times a night to check on them.




Update 01/25/12; Black Point, movies, radio, reading, dog walks
These iguana are big
A large ray swimming by 8' down in water
Thunderball cave island
Found a way though the cliff
A relaxing day on a rock
Not much of a cave
Nice day for a walk on a beach
Derek with Iguanas
Derek found that itchy spot on Oso
Osprey in a high nest