We have spent a little over a week here in the Turks and Caicos Island, we thought it might be only a few days but no such luck.  So we made the best of it, played in the water, played on the beach, rented a car and tour the island, and snorkeled for lobsters.  There are several other boats in the same anchorage as us and all waiting for a good weather window to head east, Puerto Rico and beyond.

There are several islands that make up the Turks but we stayed on Providenciales, which is where the main body of people are.  So one day all four boats decided to rent 4 cars and see the island.  We thought about scooters but figured the cars would allow us to stop and get groceries and besides it was cheaper than two scooters per boat.  When we turned in the car we had only racked up 100 km, topping of the gas tank with 2 gallons but $12 worth of fuel.  There was a nice IGA grocery store that had great fruits and vegetables and it was good to replenish some of our bins.

Derek had some water time with Kyler and Remi either water skiing or being pulled on a stand up board.  The three kids have played in the water or on the beach but it seems like when the three kids get together they always end up wet.

All in all the week has flown by but it looks like on February 1st we will be able to move the eastern part of the Turks and then on the 3rd start heading further east and hopefully make it to Puerto Rico. 




01/31/13; Touring the Turks and Caicos  

The Turks and Caicos Islands

Where we anchored the boat

Our small rental car

The three water rats

Tough time on the beach

Relaxing on the beach

Wet, sandy and happy