We have enjoyed our time in the BVI's.  We did not spend a lot of time here last year, so it was nice to hit some spots we hadn't been.  
Derek did more knee boarding, and is getting better and better.

One of our favorite spots here in the BVI's is "The Baths".   A group of rocks with caves and trails.  We spent two days their with our friends on Pollux and had a good time.

We also did some more mangrove scrounging.   Poor Dean and Derek were covered up to the thighs in dark sticky mangrove mud, but we did get some more stuff.   This brings our total to 5 folding seats, 12 fenders of various sizes, and one horseshoe buoy. 

We took the fenders  over to a charter company today, and they bought two of the best small ones for $20 each, so Derek was happy.  We will try to sell the rest as we head north.

We spent a few days in Road Town Tortola at anchor, and loaded up on groceries.   We spent some time trying to track down some new brushes for the electric motor on the watermaker, but no luck, so hopefully St. Thomas will have some.

We also did some boat projects and found an old leak had rotted some non-structural wood pieces that hold the ceiling panel up in the master stateroom, so we replaced those, and verified that there were no more leaks.

We will spend a couple more days here in the BVI's and then say goodbye to our friends on "Pollux" and head onto the U.S. Virgin Islands for a while.




02/05/14; The Baths and Scrounging for stuff

Another sandy beach with palm trees.

View of the anchorage in BVI's

Our knee board fanatic

Derek at rocks in "The Baths" w/friends

In "The Baths"

Great places to crawl around in "The Baths"

Some of the trails in "The Baths" are not for the
weak of heart.

We found some nice trails in the BVI's and took
some nice walks

Dean cleaning up the scrounged items.  Before
and after cleaning.

Our muddy messy items wait for cleaning.