As we headed south in our voyage we tried to cover most of the important stuff so now on the return trip there is less interesting new things to write about, but we try.  In our travels we have seen other web pages that seem to have better pictures than we do and that could only come from a camera, not the photographer.  It would also be nice to take a few pictures below water and our current camera is a dry only.

In St, Thomas Kris did some research and found the camera that met our needs.  It is an Olympus and can get wet to 30 feet.  This camera has a lot more features than our previous one and now Kris and Derek are experimenting with all the bells and whistles.  This page will be in honor of all those interesting shots.

We did enjoy St. Thomas and watching all the cruise ships come in the morning and leave in the evening plus the Safari buses are always fun.  In Culebra we went to Valentines dinner at Zaco's Tacos, a restaurant we found the last time we were here with our friends on "Good Trade". The food was as good as we remembered, and we stuffed ourselves.  




02/15/14: Culebra, St. Thomas and a new camera

View from the boat in St. Thomas
Map of St. Thomas

A funky camera feature

Black light on Derek's shirt

Palm at night

Not the camera - the car is really painted like this

Buoy on approach to Culebra Harbor

One of our favorite restaurants

One Sam and Derek is bad enough but 2

Zaco's Tacos nachos :)

Banana Cream Pie, southern style

Full moon over Culebra

Almost as good as Kris's jeep

Relaxing while sailing

One cool dog

Busses in Puerto Rico are tricked out

Parrot sculpture

Snails on a tree