It has only been a week or so that we have been in Samana Bay in the  Dominican Republic but we have tried to see all sides of it.  We started off at the town of Santa Barbara and then sailed to the west and ended at the end of the bay in Sanchez.  From there we sailed to the southern side of the bay and spend time in the Los Haitises National Park.

Most cruisers do not head west from here and when we asked for permission we were told yes but why would we want to go, there are no services for the boat.  We said that was O.K. and headed west.  When we stopped at Sanchez we were greeted by many folks, mostly young and all wanted to help, for a slight tip.  An older gentleman walked around the village and show us the town and sites, the church has just been restored.

On the way to the next anchorage we sucked salt water into our engine again - So Kris had a "pleasant" three hour trip into the engine again to fix that.  At least we figured out how it was happening, so won't have to deal with that again.

The islands over by the park are rugged and lush with plants and birds.  In the park we took a trip up a mango swamp and then into a cave.  The cave had been used along time ago and the drawings on the walls showed several symbols of fish/birds/people.  Continuing around the island we met up with two park employees who after showing us another cave sat down and allowed us to practice our Spanish.  Ross off "Good Trade" and Kris are the best speakers and it is amazing where the conversations go, politics, business, food, you name the subject it can be discussed.  Of course Derek and Kyler were doing some studying of their own.

From the brief amount of the DR we have seen it is a diverse area and has a lot to offer.  Another cruiser we talked to had rented a car and was able to tour more of the area and they would like to find a job and settle down here.  The weather has been in the mid 80s in the day time and a few brief rain storms come through every other day or so.  The area we have been in is very steep and hilly so the rain run off can be an issue.

On Saturday 2/16 we are planning on going east, weather still looks good, and checking into Puerto Rico at Mayaguez and then down to Boqueron for a few days.  We plan on cruising the south coast and eventually make it to Fajardo on the North East side.




02/16/13; Our Dominican Republic  visit  

Welcoming committee at Sanchez

Restored Church at Sanchez

Islands around Los Haitises Park

Mangrove dingy ride

Beautiful rugged limestone islands

Working on the engine - again

Cave exploring

Wall drawings

Practicing Spanish

Studying sand creatures

Our travels in Samana bay