At long last we made it to wonderful George Town, one of the biggest towns in the Exumas.  It is at the southern end of Great Exumas Island and is a very popular hang out for cruisers.  The layout is handy for there is an island on the eastern side which offers protection from the northerly and easterly winds.  These are the most typical winds so unless some major storm comes through the protection is great.  On the island there is also a small mooring field but 95% of the boats are anchored out.  Oh by the way there are currently 300 boats here in George Town.
The area is set up to support the needs of the cruiser as well.  Starting around 2 in the afternoon there are 3 to 4 volleyball games that get going, from beginning levels to more advanced.  There is tile rummy, baseball, weaving, checker, art, yoga, and if you want to start any specific activity you will find more interest than you want. 
At the end of February/start of March there is a big week long cruiser regatta, well it probably more of an excuse to have a party. It isn't just sailboat racing, but all sorts of activities from scavenger hunts, sand castle building, volleyball tournaments, golf, poker, dinghy races and pet parades.  If you can not find something to interest you then you are in trouble.

The town has offered several dingy docks, free water, free garbage disposal, gas and diesel dock, and today the propane truck came by.  Well the line was only 60 bottles long and at 5 minutes per tank it took awhile to get your tank filled but they do come around every week - so waiting every now and then isn't too big an issue.  There is a major grocery story and then several smaller ones around.  Oso was having an ear itch and so we went to the local vet, an American who "retired" down here.  Most of the cruisers come back year after year and many travel from the states/Canada and make this their winter home.

 Derek has been feeding the local ray that lives right off the beach, the folks that make the Conch Salads throw there left over's to the ray so it is very friendly.

It is quite the area here, all the cruisers are very friendly and nice.  There still aren't many kids, but Derek has found some almost every day to play with, but oddly enough, the kids we first met when arriving in the Bahamas, as still the ones we see most often.  Other cruisers say that there are not many kids this year as compared to the past.




update 02/19/12 The wonders of George Town

some of the 300 boats here at George Town

not the sun but a very bright moon