On our way from Culebra to Puerto Rico, we made a one night stop to check out the underwater camera.  We were a little disappointed because the water was more cloudy than last time we were here, but we needed to get that camera wet - so we did - and as you can see - it worked just fine.

Our trip to Fajardo in Puerto Rico was primarily as a spot to stage for the trip to the Bahamas.  It was also a spot to have some packages sent to, a spot where we could do some provisioning, and a spot to do some sight seeing.

The water maker has been having a couple of problems and the company has been working with us to fix them.  First we found a leak at the end of the reverse osmosis vessel, the company sent replacements and the leak was fixed.  During the time it took to fix the leak we also noticed the pressure to run the water maker would not go above 800 psi, in the past you could have taken up to 900.  So working with the company they suggested looking at the brushes in the electric motor that drives the high pressure pump.  After several attempts we located a person in the BVIs that told us the brushes were less than 50%.  Now all we needed to do was replace them, finding them is an issue.  The company said they would send us replacements but we needed a shipping address, luckily we were able to use the SunBay's Marina location.

The second package was from Amazon - don't you love what you can buy and have shipped.  Derek has become interested in the yoyo and the one he currently has is not good enough for tricks.  After some research and looking he found a new and improved one that he needed.  That came along with a new Oral B toothbrush for him. 

In the third package was more school work but this time it is for Kris and Dean.  One of the goals after the trip is completed is to take and pass the Coast Guard Captain's License.  There are several ways to study for the test from a two week class, on line, and books/CD that you self study with.  We thought with the time we have left on the trip the self study would be the way to go so the third package had that material.  Now it will be up to Kris and Dean to study so when we get back to the states we can sit down and try and pass that test.

So now that the packages were taken care of it was time to rent a car and go BUY more stuff for the boat.  On Tuesday we moved the boat 1/2 mile, fueled up with diesel, and parked it in slip C 55/53.  We had arranged for Enterprise to come pick us up and off we went to do some shopping.

We drove over 140 miles on the first day, and mostly looking for a kneeboard for Derek.  We finally found out that people in Puerto Rico don't really kneeboard, so the only place that might have one is West Marine.  We got to West Marine at 4:44 in the afternoon, to find a sign on the door saying that they closed at 4:30 for inventory.   Guess we would have to drive the 70 miles back in the next day.   We did get a new gps navigator for the car though, so hopefully, won't get lost with our driving.

The next day we were out the door at 8:00 for another busy day.  We drove to West Marine, and did get a kneeboard for Derek, and then onto the Arecibo Observatory.   When you say observatory, most people think of huge telescopes to look at stars, but this observatory is a listening observatory.  They listen for the radio waves that emanate from all objects in space, and from the waves can create a 3-D model of the objects.  (kind of like radar, but more advanced)  The observatory is quite impressive and we enjoyed seeing it.

The next stop was the Camuy Caves.  We were a little disappointed in how the cave was managed, but the cave was spectacular.

The highlight of the trip was that we got to meet up with our friends Jack and Marce on Escape Velocity.   They unfortunately got stuck in Puerto Rico longer than they wanted due to some navigation instrument repairs that were needed, but lucky for us because we got to see them again.  We went out for a nice dinner, and had a lot of fun, but on the sad side - had to say goodbye once again.  Escape Velocity is headed across the Pacific and we wish them safe travels.

We still had shopping to do, so extended our stay in the marina, and car rental one more day and did the mega shopping trip to the Super Wal-Mart and Ralphs grocery store.   I think we are good on everything but fresh produce for the next three months, but we are all really tired of driving and shopping.

Now we just need the wind to cooperate for the next trip to the Bahamas.




02/20/14; Underwater camera is working; Presents in February; Mega shopping

Derek coming up for air.

Kris doesn't leave home without her wetsuit

Chillaxin near the bottom

Blue parrot fish in cloudy water

Derek's new YoYo

Study Study Study

The Arecibo Observatory

Quite the feat of engineering :)

Waiting for the cave tour

Stalagtites near the cave entrance

The north entrance to the cave

Inside the cave looking at the south entrance

One of the cave inhabitants

One of many sinkholes near the caves

From left to right - George off Summer Wind who
drove and helped Marce (next) and Jack (far right)
get the boat fixed.