After many attempts we finally pulled into Mayaguez Puerto Rico on Sunday 2/17/13 and dropped anchor.  The passage from the Dominican Republic across the Mona Passage was ok, confused seas but the winds were under 15 and we made good time.  We pulled into the anchorage at midnight on Sunday and had a good night sleep.

Monday morning bright and early we headed into shore to check in with customs.  Well another good plan but it was President's Day and everything with the government was closed.  No problem we had a telephone number to call and check in, however finding a pay phone now a days is rather difficult.  That's ok we found an open gas station and they allowed us to use their phone.  After being on hold for too many minutes we hung up and tried to figure out what to do.

Along comes George, a local businessman who wanted to help us.  Ross and Dean got into his car and he took them to the customs/immigration office and after talking with the guard had another phone number to use.  George being a helpful person offered the use of his phone, that proved to make it a long day for him.  The number was called, another number given and finally contact was made.  Over the next three hours we hung out with George, had lunch, toured Mayaguez and saw the sights.  Since George's phone number was the contact number he had to stay with us until all the communication had been completed.

So at the end of all the phone calls we still had to come back into the office on Tuesday and see an official.  When we talked to him on Tuesday he said why are you here you should have just used the phone.  An hour or so later we finally had officially checked in and moved the boat south to Boquerón.  "Good Trade" had company coming in to meet them at Boquerón and since it was a better anchorage we stayed there two nights.  The company was staying at a local hotel and so everyone spent one day around the pool and then onto the boat.

Today we are at La Parguera and we will continue onto to Ponce where "Good Trade's" company will leave on Monday.  The water is warmer but not as clear yet as we hoped it would be.  Derek went out to snorkel on the reefs, Kris went into the town and Dean puttered around the boat.





02/22/13;Finally Puerto Rico  :)  

Good Samaritan "George"

Derek studying with Sam

Ross coaching Derek and Kyler

Derek helping his mother into the pool

La Parguera harbor