It is easy to get comfortable at dock or at anchor and when you start to think about making a passage it becomes a bit of a push.  We had been travel from island to island for the last month during the day with no overnight trips.  Even coming up from Grenada we only had a couple of single overnight passages.  The trip from Fajardo Puerto Rico to Georgetown Bahamas looked to be a 5 day trip, not a major trip compared to crossing the Pacific but one that you needed to mentally ready for.

During the week of Feb 17th we watched the weather to see the best 5 day block of winds and waves.  Watching the weather it looked like Monday the 24th would be the best day to take off but as the week went by Sat the 22nd became the most favorable.

We knew the seas and winds would be stronger to begin with but we knew they would become lighter as the week progressed.  When we took off we had winds of 20 to 25 knots and seas of 6 to 9 feet but all from behind us.  The boat really liked the conditions, we saw 7 to 10 knots with a single reefed main.  As the days continued the winds and seas became less and less and by the end of the 3rd day we had to turn on an engine to maintain 4 knots of boat speed.  The last part of the trip from Long Island to Georgetown was into the wind so we motored that as well.

During the trip we broke the shifts into 4 hour blocks between Dean and Kris.  We kept Derek in reserve to take over if either one of us needed a break, or wasn't getting enough sleep.  If you were on "watch" you looked for ships or other things to avoid usually by sitting at the wheel.  During your watch you usually read during the day and did a lot of star gazing during the night.  If you were off watch then you were sleeping or eating, usually sleeping.  Derek did not have much to do, so ended up  watching two seasons of the TV show "Phineas and Ferb" that we had on disc.  During the trip Kris saw 4 boats and had to take action to avoid two of them hitting us and Dean only saw 2 lights on the horizon but nothing close by.

A few people were watching our progress on the SPOT track to make sure we were actually moving and making sure we were O.K.  Overall the passage was easy and we pulled into the anchorage somewhat rested and ready for the next adventure.

Sam did not enjoy the first two days, but after that, he got used to it, or got so tired he couldn't stay awake any longer, and finally slept, ate and relaxed, and of course took his trips to the net for relief.




02/27/14; 5 day passage from Puerto Rico

nice seas and good weather

Derek taking a break

Sam wishing for beds that do not move

Kris on watch