One of the benefits of home schooling is you can customize the class and home work based upon the needs of your student.  Sometimes that means extra work or time in specific areas, and other times it might mean less time on a subject because it is understood early in the lesson.    So how does all this relate to wind surfing you ask?
Well as we anchored off Gilligan's Island we were visited by Geard, a local wind surfer who lives on the beach in the same anchorage.  One of his favorite things to do is help others learn and enjoy the sport of wind surfing.  Over the last year he and his wife, Toni, have had 100 friends and family stay at his house as well as those that happen to be in the anchorage and want to learn the sport.  He has over a dozen boards, sails, masts, and equipment for all levels and wind conditions. 

So when Geard offered to teach Derek,  and Kyler off "Good Trade" wind surfing, we decided that an extra day in the anchorage was worth it.  Now we had not made wind surfing a part of the school program but it seemed like a change in the curriculum would be in order.  So for the day of 2/27/13 Derek and Kyler spent the day falling into the water, learning about the wind and balance on a board, and finally sailing into the bay.  Now they probably thought it was not school, but it was a new teacher, new idea, and new style of teaching that they had to work with.  In the end they were able to stand on the board, sail it on one tack and then return to the beach.  Not bad for a school day :)




02/28/13; Wind Surfing, a new school lesson?

Derek in the beginning

Derek after a few lessons? - NOT

Geard the instructor

He has got the hang of it now!