Naming a boat can  be a real problem sometimes.  It is rumored to be bad luck if you change the name of a boat unless you put a penny under the mast or follow other "Tribute to Neptune" measures.  Most people do change the name of the boat when they buy it and name her something that has special meaning to them.  For instance we named our boat "What If" because it seemed like Derek was always asking that question, what if I could walk on water, what if we could fly, what if we could jump 20 feet, etc....  The other thing you have to be prepared to do is answer the question "Why did you name your boat______" because as you are traveling others are curious as well.  One of the other issue to be aware of is when you use the VHF radio other boats will be calling your boat name and usually saying the name 3 times in a row.  So if your name is a tongue twister people might not call you or they might just make up a different version.  So you can see by the pictures there are a wide variety of names out there and many stories to be told.

The other item that is fun to pay attention to is where do all the boats come from.  Not only what nationality are they but for those that come out of the US what states are they from.  With us being on the East Coast the majority of boats are from the east and the most popular state by far is Florida.  Some folks will come over from Florida for 3 to 4 months and then go back to their land based home.  Have seen boats from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Texas, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York,  North Carolina, just to name a few.  There are many many boats out of Canada, I guess coming down to the sunny warm Bahamas sure beats the cold snowy conditions of Quebec, Toronto and Montreal.  We have meet several folks from Australia on sailboats and power boats.  Some have left from Australia and made it this far, some bought their boats on the east coast, as the Aussie dollar is much better than ours right now.  One family we moet is from Switzerland and the father had to make an emergency trip back home when their home water pipes broke in the cold weather.  Talk about a weather shock to the system going from the sunny warm weather here to Switzerland, oh yea when you start to cruise one of the first things you eliminate is all that extra warm clothing that you have, oops - he had to buy a jacket at the airport.




update 03/01/12; Names and Locations