As we pulled into Georgetown on Thursday the cruiser's net on the VHF was just starting so we were quickly introduced to what was going on at this anchorage.  This happened to be the week of the Cruiser's Regatta so they have had a lot going on.  Derek has been able to participate that day in the kids activity and then even got into the adult bocce ball competition on Friday.

Sam really enjoyed being able to walk on something that does not move, roll in the sand and even play with a couple other dogs.  Sam did well on the passage, he hates the noise of the electric winch and if we did anything with the sails he would usually go inside and try and find his quiet spot.  Once a day we would take him up to the bow net and he would do his business and then go back inside.  By the end of the trip he made a few trips to the bow with out anyone encouraging him.

We thought the boat "Good Trade" might still be at Georgetown and sure enough they were and we found a spot next to them to anchor.  We had buddy boated with them last year until the BVI's and so it was good to catch up with them again.  It looks like the next couple of months our plans look the same as theirs so we probably will buddy boat again with them.

There are a couple of Manta 42s here as well, "Dues Paid" and "Sangaris", and it is always good to see other Mantas out and about.

After traveling the Eastern Caribbean Islands you get use to checking into the country and then checking out as you moved to a different island.  When we checked into the US Virgin island we went into the office, filled out the paper work, no issues.  When we checked into Puerto Rico we were able to do it via the phone, no issues.  When we checked into the Bahamas we were out of the routine a bit, or they had a slightly different process, so we spent a bit more time on Thursday checking it.  In the end we were cleared and so now have the next 90 days of being able to cruise the Bahamas.

It is taking a couple of days/nights to get back into the normal time frame of being awake all day and going to bed in the evening.  Having the boat not rocking/rolling does help with going to sleep.




03/01/14: Welcome back to Georgetown Bahamas

This is serious bocce ball

So is the yellow or blue ball closer?

Dean giving the boat a scrub

More boats than we have seen in a while

Back to beautiful blue clear water