We are still here in George Town.  This week has been the 32nd annual George Town Cruisers regatta.  Lots of activities and fun.  With about 230 boats here there is always something to do.  Kris and Derek did the pet parade, and got chocolate and candy prizes.  Derek did the piñata and got more candy.  Kris organized a kids play day with capture the flag, tug o war and volleyball for around the 16 kids that are here now.  Derek with the other kids did a skit about the constellations on opening night talent show and he was the "big dipper" and did a really good job.

Dean was in the Coconut challenge, where they empty around 1100 coconuts into a small bay.  Then teams of 4 in a dinghy using only a flipper for propulsion try to round up as many coconuts as they can.  There were about 50 dinghies out there collecting coconuts.  Then there was the coconut toss, where a team member tossed coconuts over his head behind him to two others with a garbage sack who had to catch them.  The final event was throwing coconuts over a volleyball net into a bull's-eye on the ground for points.  Deans team came in third overall, which was really good. 

Deans next event is regulation volleyball, which will happen on March 8th.

Deans older brother Lee and wife Edie will be visiting with us this week, so look for an update on their visit next.




update 03/06/12; George Town excitement