It is a big circle out there, you never know when you will run into people or when you might re-meet whose folks again.  Last year we went through hurricane Irene at the dock on the C & D canal.  In the next slip was a Cal 39 sailboat called "Moma Cal", and the two folks on it were Doug and Cherry.  We spent several days with them as the hurricane came and went but then moved on our way and they went theirs.  Our paths never crossed but we tried to stay in touch with their blog and they watched our web site.  A week or so ago it happened that we both ended up in Puerto Rico; Salinas and now in Fajardo.  It is fun to catch up with people you have met and find out their travels and adventures and compare it to yours. It is amazing how many  people and places you have in common.

We went out to the island of Vieques and only toured the western end, the weather was not going to cooperate so we did not tour the entire island.  It is part of the Spanish Virgin Islands and does not get many cruisers stopping at it.  We ended up spending two nights there and one day snorkeling where we saw two rays, both at least 3' across and 6' long - beautiful creatures to keep your distance from.

From there we motored sailed up to Fajardo which is on the north eastern tip of Puerto Rico.  The town has several marine stores that we wanted to check out, a few more purchases needed to be made.  It was also a good spot to anchor for the bad weather to go by. 

One item on Kris's list of to do's was to fix a diesel leak on the port engine.  It has been slowly leaking diesel out out of the fuel injection pump, and Kris was tired of cleaning up, containing, and smelling the diesel.   This was a worry-some project because she had to remove the fuel injection pump to replace some o rings and washers that were failing.    While this sounds easy -  it is identified in the Volvo manual as a project to have the "licensed technician" do.  After checking with the Engine Guru Brian back in Connecticut, Kris did the work and everything went O.K. - unless you count the fact that one of the parts she thought she absolutely should not separate, got accidently separated.  We put the pump back in and tried to start the engine and guess what - it actually tried to start.

The motor turned over and Kris was bleeding the injectors and then the motor did not want to turn over.  It sounded like the battery did not have enough juice but we traded batteries with the other engine and had the second engine supplying power to the first engine's battery so that wasn't it.  Of course it was Friday night, so no help until Monday.

After several restless nights Kris called Brian and went through the issues, even made the engine noises over the phone to see if that would help diagnose the problem.  So Brian gave Kris a few items to check and that still didn't fix anything.  Kris called Brian back and held the phone to the engine, and Brian said he though it was electrical.  So Kris started working on the electrical system and low and behold changing the relays did make a difference and the engine started right up.  Now Kris had not touched the relay and none of the work that had been done was around the relay but that was the issue.  As Kris said "Brian is the Engine Guru and has saved the day again".

For those of you have ever seen the movie "Captain Ron" you may remember a few lines from the movie, but we have several line memorized because they hold a truth for us.  One of the lines is "If anything's going to happen, its going to happen out there."    That is how we have felt lately, with sucking salt water into the engine, the autopilot failure, the main winch failure, the engine diesel leak, a small issue with antifreeze on the other engine, and our battery selector switch failing.   It seems to Kris all she has done is work on the boat for the last couple of months - but the other side to the line "If anything's going to happen, its going to happen out there." - is the people we have spent time with, the snorkeling and views we have seen, the adventures on land, and time,  (good and bad) spent with each other.   All of these things would never happen if we just stayed at dock.
By the way if you haven't seen the movie - go rent it.




03/19/13; Vieques, Fajardo, and the wisdom of "Captain Ron "

Vieques  in the Spanish Virgin Islands

Brian the Engine Guru

Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Captain Ron movie

The little relay that caused so much grief.