Well, we went to leave Fajardo, and guess what - the engine would not start again.   The anchor was partway up and Kris had a major breakdown and long story short - the anchor went back down and a mechanic was called to fix the engine.  We could not get one that day, but first thing the next morning he came out, and got it running.  

The moral of the engine story is - its a boat - what did you expect?
Kris's worked with the fuel injector - which of course caused a wiring problem in the relay area (it wasn't the relay after all, but a corroded wire underneath the relay) - which of course led us to not getting fuel and the fuel filter clogged because the rubber primer bulb decayed and plugged the fuel line.  And of course these all happened simultaneously making logical thought process to problem solving all but worthless.  Hey - its a boat!

Anyway, with a now functioning engine - somewhat - there is still something fishy going on  - we moved to Culebra.  This is an island just east of Puerto Rico, governed by Puerto Rico.  We went snorkeling on a reef and it was the largest and most diverse one yet.  It had taken some bad damage in a hurricane and is still recovering, but it was beautiful snorkeling.  We saw several turtles and a small pair of rays gliding along gracefully, and numerous small colorful fish.

The other night we went to dinner at "Zaco's Tacos" and had a great meal.  We ate on the outdoor shaded patio, and the kids played in the tire swing and watched the chickens running around the deck.  The food was delicious, and the dessert - mud pie and southern style banana pudding pie was the best I have ever eaten.

There are several boats in the harbor, and of course, several that never leave as Culebra is one of those spots that is easy to get to and hard to leave as it is just so nice.




03/25/2013 -  Fixing the engine again????   Culebra

The harbor at Culebra

The dinghy dock and restaurant of same name

Our choice for dinner

Cleaning up crumbs from the diners

The island of Culebra