We had the pleasure of having Dean's younger brother and his family come and stay with us for a week.  Terry, Mary, Clara, and Jacob fly down from Minneapolis MN to see the blue waters, big iguanas, and experience the Bahamas lifestyle for themselves.  (for a full write up on their visit make sure you see the visitor page)  Terry and his family have done some major traveling in the past but this time they had the pleasure of spending all the time on a 38 foot boat with the What Ifers :).  So we mapped out a trip of 20 miles north to Lee Stocking Island and then back.

The weather worked out nice on their second day for the trip north up to Lee Stocking Island, flat seas and 15 knots of wind.  Once we arrived everyone spent time in the warm waters, they are getting in the upper 70s now.  Of course the two boys, Derek and Jacob wanted to sleep in the hammocks outside but by the time the eyes were closed they were back in the boat in their beds.  In the morning a trip to Leaf Cay to see the iguanas who were looking for hand outs on the beach.  One of the concerns everyone had was to make sure enough sun screen was used to cover the non tanned skin.  For most of the trip it worked but a couple of times spots were missed and the bright red sunburn were reminders of the vacation.

One of Derek's planned events was to make a conch horn - a conch shell that has been modified to make a sound when blown. With Terry and Kris working on several prototypes a horn was finally made for both Derek and Jacob.  Dean tried blowing it but not sure if the noise was better than the funny face he made while blowing.  We did get some walks on the beaches and even had an Easter egg hunt during their visit.

The trip back was not as pleasant as the trip north, seas were more in the 6 to 8 foot and the winds were 20 to 25.  We made an overnight stop half way back and then finally made it back to George Town the next day with seas 4 foot and winds around 15.  No one was sick during the travels but everyone was happy when we pulled into the anchorage.

After our visitors left we started to plan what our next week's schedule was going to look like.  It looks like the weather, seas and wind, should allow a trip out to Long Island so we are in the process of getting laundry done, getting food purchased, and filling up the diesel for the trip.  Hopefully we can take off on Thursday and make it over to Long Island prior to the next strong weather coming in. We have enjoyed our time in George Town but after two months it will be nice to start moving again and see some of the other islands. 




Update 04/11/12 up to Lee Stocking and back again