4/24/11 update
It is only the end of April but the time is running faster and the projects seem to take longer.  We were able to get all the solar panels mounted and wired to the electrical cabinet.  The final hook up will be this week after we get a couple of wire ends narrowed so they will fit into the Blue Sky controller.

The plumbing is basically done except for 8 hose clamps that need to be attached.  The new plumbing lines should keep the boat from smelling and the routing of the lines is simpler in case of issues in the future.

We had brought the dingy to our house over the winter and Kris has been attempting to make dingy chaps.  Our dingy is an Avon S3.40 supersport, and is old and used.  The thought was making the chaps would help protect the dingy but we have been waiting on the material and so it sits.  We knew there were a couple of leaks and today we identified them and patched them.  With the dingy being old we know there are some pin holes, slow leaks, and so we had bought some Tuff Coat that will help fill the holes and also offer additional protection.

Next weekend we are thinking of testing the engines prior to launching the boat.  Kris has worked on one engine and on the other sail drive so prior to going in the water we want to make sure there are no issues, do not plan on any but cheaper to check it now vs. having to pull the boat later.