We are making our way east and next on the journey is visiting the British Virgin Islands. The islands make up part of the Virgin Islands archipelago, the remaining islands constitute the US Virgin Islands and the Spanish Virgin Islands.  The BVIs are composed of 50 islands and cays, only 15 islands are inhabited.

We checked in at the West End of Tortola and started watching all the credit card captains.  The area is very popular for chartering boats and the majority are very good skippers but there are always some that take the boat to a new level, http://vimeo.com/22630270  We did assist a power boat who had not tied down their dingy well enough and the 3 to 4 foot waves were trying to remove it from the stern of their boat.  Luckily the dingy did not come off but the fuel tank did manage to get removed and we were able to fish it out and give it back to the owners. 

One of the cruising guide's "have to see stops" is called Foxy's.  It is a small bar/restaurant on Jost Van Dyke island that has been there forever and is quiet the spot.  Kris's engine guru "Brian" had worked many years in the area and had donated a Volvo engine to Foxy for their sailboat program.  We stopped to get an update from Foxy, and give Brian some updates.

After Foxy's we had to hide out for 3 days due to strong winds, but luckily our friends on "Good Trade" and "No Rehearsal" we hiding with us.  We were able to have a nice social time and some good company while waiting for the winds to abate, Good Trade took the Mexican Train honors.  After the winds died moved to Normans Island, and took a nice walk with "Remi D".  They have a younger girl, who Derek gets along with well and Sam enjoyed playing with their two small dogs as well. 

We moved over to Tortola, because we needed to check out and get a new Health Certificate for Sam.  Kris took a taxi ride to get to the vet, and actually had to get out of the taxi early on the way back, because she had the worlds worst taxi driver, and nearly got in three accidents for the 5 mile ride. 

The "Baths" are one of the most famous and definitely a "must see" item in the BVI's.   We spent a great day there, snorkeling and playing in the rocks, and "Remi D" joined us, so Derek and Remi had a grand time playing and swimming.  From there we headed north and left the BVIs and headed to St. Martin.




05/01/13; BVIs to St. Martin

It is scary how Derek looks bigger than Kris now

Foxy's on Jost Van Dyke

Sailboat in progress

One of our anchorages

Another anchorage

The Baths

The Baths