The passage from the BVIs to St. Martin was slow and bumpy but we made it without issues.  We anchored on the NW side of St. Martin in Marigot bay and then checked in the next day.  This side of St. Martin is ruled by the French and the restaurants and bakeries really give you that feeling of France.  The anchorage became rolly over the night so the next morning we moved into Simpson Bay Lagoon.

There are many cruisers here, some never leave the island, some are headed south and others north.  In the morning there is a cruisers net on the VHF and one of the boats who contacted us was and old friend from last year Sea Schelle.  Sea Schelle had been in the Bahamas with us but spent the hurricane season in St. Croix and then has been doing the Eastern Caribbean this year so this is the first time we have caught up with them.  They were also anchored in the lagoon so we moved beside them and caught up with past adventures.  Sea Schelle has three girls, Sage, Jona and Ayla  are2,  8 and 10 so Derek had a couple of playmates.

On Tuesday April 30th the Dutch side of St. Martin ended their Carnival month with a parade.  Taking the local bus over to the Dutch side we just missed the 1st two floats/bands/dancers but caught the rest of the parade.  This is our first carnival and I was not prepared for the loud loud loud music.  Did I mention it was loud.  The speakers for the bands were so powerful that when you were close to the bass speakers you would think your heart took on the beat of the music vs. your own heart rhythm.  Not sure how the dancers survived being that close to the speakers but everyone seemed to be having a good time.  Of course the free drinks that were being offered I am sure helped everyone's attitudes.

Did not know that May 1st is "May Day" a holiday for just about every nation except for the U.S.  Kind of interesting to see and hear about some of the pros/cons of the U.S. vs. the rest of the world.

On May 3rd the new bridge for St. Martin came into the Lagoon.  There is a new road/bridge being added by the airport to ease the traffic issues on the main road.  We were able to have front row seats for the bridge coming in to the harbor.  Not sure if the channel was deep enough for the bridge so early in the morning there was a backhoe digging it a bit deeper.  The anchorage we had also gave us front row seats for the airplanes taking off.  The planes are loud but we have been conditioned by the Carnival so they are not too bad now.

A good weather window opened up, so after an incredible French lunch, complete with dessert, we will head out to our next stop, which is the island of Antigua.




05/03/13; St. Martin  and St. Maarten (Dutch & French), Carnival

St. Martin and it's two countries

All the men wanted their pictures with the pretty girls

They must have strong necks.

Elaborate costumes

Can you say SPEAKERS

Dredging in St. Maarten

St. Martin's airport close up

Large ship bringing in bridge piece

Choices, choices

Open air market in St. Martin