We had a couple of great days sailing north from Georgetown.  In fact the sailing has been so good, we only made on stop for longer than the night.  We did some snorkeling and saw some nice fish, some great coral and and one large barracuda.  Derek took some frozen broccoli out, and was mobbed by fish trying to get some.   Our goal of moving north was primarily to get up to Nassau, Bahamas to visit the Atlantis Resort.

We have passed by the Atlantis Resort and water park in Nassau 3 times now, and never have stopped, but since we did not think we would be back for awhile we thought this was the time to stop.  The cost per day is $125 per person but if you use the marina for your boat then the cost to the water park is included in the marina fee.  Of course the marina fee is rather high, $4.00 per foot where normally you see if for $1.00 to $2.00 per foot.  If you do the math it still is cheaper to pay to park the boat vs. the entrance fees.

The water park has several rides, pools, and a pretty good aquarium as well.  It also has a casino, theatre, and lots of restaurants.   Our friends on Good Trade stopped here with us, so Derek has had a lot of fun with his friend Kyler doing all the water rides.   They have done the more adventures rides, but Kris refuses any ride that doesn't involve a tube to float on.   Even the tube rides here don't mean you don't get completely submerged at times.    

We have had a lot of fun, and spent too much money on eating out, but now it is time to get going again.  We plan on being back in Florida by this weekend, and hopefully the weather will cooperate.

We did get some bad news, our friends Jack and Marce on "Escape Velocity" were just dismasted in the Pacific.  To read more see their blog at  http://escapevelocity.mobi/   We feel horrible for them, but glad no one was hurt.   Just makes you remember that it is not all fun and games - this cruising.  And when something breaks, it is much more significant when out at sea on a boat.  




05/05/14: Heading north and the Atlantis water park

A 3' barracuda comes to visit

Lots of nice coral to see

Derek is mobbed by fish

Atlantis resort and water park

View from the top of one of the rides

Who will win the slide competition

Part of the aquarium

Just relaxing the river

Saying "Hi" from the river