It is election day, May 7th 2012 for the Bahamas.  While we have been here we have seen many posters for the candidates and several parades/rallies as well.  The two political parties are the FNM, Free National Movement , and the PLP, Progressive Liberal Party.  The FNM is very identifiable with red on all their posters and the PLP goes with the yellow.  There are several other smaller groups but these two are the primary political powers.

As we have through the different islands it is easy to spot which party is the island's choice by the number of posters.  We have talked to a few people and they are very committed to their party and the election turn outs are usually over 85%.  Their elections are held every 5 years and if a new party gets into office there is usually major change.  Some of the businesses really worry about what the changes will be.

5/9/12 The votes have been counted and PLP has won.




Update; 5/6/12 Election time here in the Bahamas