We are hanging out on the Eleuthera Island and started at Rock Sound then Palmetto and now at Governor's Harbor.

Rock Sound is the largest city on the island but is not really a cruiser's spot.  The harbor is very well protected and depending upon which side of the harbor you anchor on you can be protected from just about every direction of wind.  The water depth is not great, it ok for a cat, so that might be one of the reasons more boats are not here.  We walked through town and found another blue hole, there was a park around it.  For the first time we saw grass in people's yards and even saw a mower cutting grass.  There must be enough rain here to support it.

The town of Palmetto Point is really two towns, north and south.  The north town is on the ocean side and the south town is on the Bahamas Bank side.  We walked over to the Ocean side to check out the "pink" sand beach.  Pink would be an overstatement, but there definitely was a pinkish hue.

Governors Harbour, was the former capital of Bahamas and has some nice homes overlooking the harbour.  There is even a hill of 300 feet tall that can give you a good work out on your walk.  While we were here there were two unique boats that came into the harbor.  One is the old classic sailing ship while the second is not that classic.  The second boat came from the Canary Island and had a 60 day passage by an 86 year old man.  Not sure I would want to be on that boat for 60 days, not many spots to get out of the sun or waves.  It has four pontoons, that look to be made of fiberglass, with many cross members lashed to them.  The cross members looked to be lashed on with trucking straps.  Then there is the attractive sheet metal kwansit type hut for the cabin.  Makes us feel like we are in a floating palace compared to them.  Here is the web site talking about his voyage




update 05/09/12; Exploring the Eleuthera Island
not as nice as "Dean's" blue hole

see any pink sand?

Governor's Harbor house

classic boat

this boat came from the Canary Islands