Since the press is always right I want you to know that we now are the "crew if a luxury yacht".  It all started when Derek thought he heard people talking on another boat in the anchorage.  After looking around in the dark we did not really identify anything but after Kris went up on deck and used the spot light she found a gentleman floating in the bay waving his arms.  We put the dingy in the water and brought him back to the boat.   The poor guy was dehydrated and exhausted.  He told us his boat sank and he had been swimming for 6 hours.  He was wearing a shorty wetsuit, tank, snorkel, mask and flippers, so at least he had good gear and buoyancy.    He also said there was another guy who was diving with him that was also swimming in.  We got his a towel and a shirt to put on to warm up, some water and some food and then called the Antigua Coast Guard.  While we waited for the Coast Guard, which only took about 10 minutes to make it to the boat, the poor guy nearly passed out from exhaustion.  The Coast Guard boat came alongside and 4 of the coasties came aboard and took the guys statement and took our name and information as well.  They were all very polite and courteous.  Then they all shook our hands and said thanks, and the fellow we rescued did as well.  They took the guy to the medical center for a check up, and then went out to search for the second guy.  We did not know if they found him or not, but then saw the article in the paper, and now know that they did.

After our heroic efforts we continued on our journey/exploration of Antigua we headed south and pulled into Deep Harbor.  There are many forts on the island used by the British and the one on top of the hill gave a great view of this harbor and of St John harbor, the major harbor for the island.  We spent some time snorkeling the wreck of an 3 master iron barque with a load of pitch that caught fire, burned and sank near the entrance to the bay.  The wood burned, but the steel frames are mostly still there, and it was a nice snorkel trip.  We would have like to spend more time in Deep Harbor, but the flies were so bad, they drove us out the same day - first time that has happened.

Next on the port of call was English Harbor, the buildings/fort around the harbor was interesting to walk through and learn it's history.  There is a 2 mile hike that takes you to the top of the hill outside the fort which was used as a lookout.  The trail also winds down by the ocean and out to another point overlooking the entrance to the bay.  The walks on the islands were fun and you always had the chance of seeing goats.  Sam really thought he should do some herding but the goats had other ideas.

We found Antigua to be a beautiful island, especially the western side.  We have a few more places to see yet before hurricane season, so we set sail for Guadalupe on the 19 of May and had a beautiful sail into Guadeloupe.  We are now anchored in Deshaies (pronounced Day-ay).  We will check in tomorrow, and pick up some fresh baguettes and pastries, as we are back in the French islands.




05/19/13; Luxury yacht, rest of Antigua
Fishermen Rescued At Sea

Fishermen rescued after boat sinks

Antigua St. John's - The police have reported that two fishermen were rescued by the Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force Coast Guard late Tuesday night after their vessel sank off Bird Island.


Reports are that 57-year-old Dalston Samuel of Cooks Hill and 53-year-old Cedric Dunnah of Cassada Gardens went fishing aboard a 23-foot fiberglass boat, “Sea Queen,” around 6 am on Tuesday. About seven miles northeast of Bird Island, the boat was anchored and both men went diving. However, when they resurfaced, they realized that the vessel was submerged and all their fishing equipment was gone.


They managed to grab their life jackets and swim to Bird Island, where they got some help from the crew of a luxury yacht in the area. The Coast Guard was later notified and both men were rescued between 9 pm and 11:45 pm, hours apart from each other. They were taken to Mount St John’s Medical Center, where they were treated and discharged. Further investigations into the matter are ongoing.