5/22/11 update
So the boat goes in the water on June 2nd, 1 1/2 weeks away.  Our list of projects is now detailed by who and what specific day it is due by.  The book shelves were added on the port side look really good, Rob Dalton did a great job.   Kris is now sanding and applying many coats of polyurethane, they look like they were always there.  Since they look so good Kris started to strip the floors and is half way done with them.  The floors were aged or just yellowed and once the finish has been removed she will do a light sand and then apply floor polyurethane.

We worked on the port sail drive, installing the rubber boat and then the fiberglass faring.  The starboard sail drive has been sanded and now needs primed and painted, this week if the rain stops.  We had a quart of bottom paint that Dean used on Sunday in some of the more critical areas.  It was suppose to be green to match the current bottom paint but it does not match.  That's ok since we were planning on painting the entire bottom with Pettit Ultima SR 60 that we purchased at the Defender spring sail.

Kris and Derek worked on covering some of the old holes in the dodger, 5200 and plastic screw covers are amazing.  We also installed the official name on the bow and stern of the boat.  Kris is working hard on the dingy chaps, her sewing projects seem to be big and complicated but they are looking good.  Kris is also working on transferring our home files from the desk top computer to the new Dell laptop.  That also means we need to do file clean up and sorting, just more time.