Well the day finally came and the boat is in the water and still floating.  Of course the best laid plans were followed and you know about best laid plans:).  The days prior to the launch were full of final preps and everything was ready to go for June 2nd. 

When the boat was lowered in there was one thru hull that had a slight drip so we took the boat back out and had to repair it.  Undaunted we launched again and this time no issues.  Motoring to the fuel dock to fill with water allowed one engine to decide it did not want to run but since we have two that was not too big of an issue.  The the autopilot decided that it wanted to work without being turned on,  so hand steering became that much harder.  All this was still ok but the small craft advisory winds that were blowing just made it more of a challenge than it really needed to be.  Oh well we made the fuel dock, bleed the engine, turned off the auto pilot, filled with water and went to our final dock.

The boat is on the island dock which is across the water from Captains Cove so we take a launch from Captains Cove to the dock, a very short ride.  Also allows for Captain Derek to practice his VHF radio skills when calling for the launch at the end of the day.  With the boat in the water we are able to make sure all the plumbing does not leak and start to store all the items in their final spots.  We
 still have those items of cleaning/waxing/polishing that never seems to be done but the list of open projects is getting rather small.  The boat is starting to look like it is ready to go cruising. 

We are going to have an open boat on June 11th for friends, some have not been on a boat before so this is a great time to show what we are planning.  Captains Cove is having a "Parrots Head" event the same day so the place should be very festive. 




6/5/11 update