Arizona - the Grand Canyon State
Back in familiar territory




06/14/2014; Goodbye to our loved boat and Cross Country Trip

What If being lifted out

On the hard, getting ready for some work

Loaded up and hitting the road

On Hwy 10, after Florida is Alabama

And then Mississippi

Mississippi rest stop gave away Kings cake

And then Louisiana - parlez-vous francis?

Now the big state

Guess which rest stop this is?

We made good time in Texas

Sorry New Mexico - didn't get a good photo
Carlsbad caverns

Roswell UFO museum - not as hokey as you
we expected

Roswell likes it alien statues
Derek at Grand Canyon
Utah - Life Elevated
Hit our high point in Utah, over 10,000 ft
Above 10,000 feet in Utah
On June 4th the new buyers and surveyor came to the boat around lunch time.  The survey started, and we slowly motored up river to the haul out yard, and arrived around 5 p.m.   The next morning the boat was lifted out of the water and more survey work was done.  Nothing major found, so we headed off to complete the paperwork.  Title and check were exchanged, and we found ourselves homeless.   So, we hit the road. 

We were in Florida, and headed west on Hwy 10 though Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and then headed more north up through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and then finally Idaho.

We went from palm trees and sawgass to more pine to less pine and more scrub to nothing and red rock canyons.  

A rest stop in Mississippi was having hospitality month, so we got free cake, but the rest is a blur of hotel rooms, rest stops, fast food, and highway.    We really didn't spot a place where we thought "this is home", until Flagstaff, Arizona.   That is the first place where Derek said "I could live here!"

We stopped at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico - which is HUGE - and we only saw part of it.    We also hit Roswell, New Mexico, and went to the UFO museum and research center.  "We are not alone".

We stopped at the Grand Canyon and did a short tour, and then up to Dean's brothers house in Nampa Idaho.  

We got a storage unit, and were finally able to unload the van, and also got re-acquainted with some items that Lee has been storing for us.

It was a long drive, and now we will visit family for a while in Idaho, Oregon, and Montana.    Kris is looking for work, and we will figure things out as they happen.