Not to sound like a broken record but the island of Martinique is very beautiful, just like the rest of the islands we have been visiting.  It has lots of mountains, green trees, friendly people, nice climate, but I guess the one thing it has more than any other island so far is the number of catamarans that are in the Le Marin anchorage.  This anchorage is the home to six different charter companies and their inventory of catamarans is second to none, even more than what we saw in the BVIs.  The anchorage is very protected and has every service for the boating industry that you could want, we have used a few of them as well.  We did stop at the major harbor of Fort-de-France for a few days but the rolly anchorage was uncomfortable so we headed further south to Le Marin.

The other thing this island/anchorage has is a boat called Day Dreamer and it's crew.  Their crew includes three girls who have been also looking for another kid boat so they were very happy to have us come into the anchorage.  We had met Day Dreamer last year in Charleston and hung out for a week or two and had a good time.  Between the water and the sandy beach Derek and the girls from Day Dreamer have been having a great time.

We have not done as much exploring on the island as we have on the others but what we has seen has been worth it.  Many boaters that we talked to bypass the island because the language spoken here is French, very little English.  We have not had any issues and have enjoyed listening to the conversations and wondering what they are talking about.  The weather has been cloudy with a little rain most days, not enough that you are locked inside the boat but you have to make sure when you feel the first rain drops you get the hatches closed quickly.

So far on the trip down we have been exposed to different currencies: US Dollars, DR peso, Euros, and Eastern Caribbean dollar.  We have used the last two off and on over the last few islands so have not worried about how much inventory we still have.  Now as we are getting ready to leave Martinique we do not want to carry too many Euros that will sit in our wallets until who knows when.  The ATMs are very assessable so getting more is not the issue.  Now it has taken some time to get use to the different color, size and look but it all spends the same.  The exchange rates are different for each currency so some simple math is usually required to make sure you want to spend that amount on the product.

The two major islands between us and Grenada are St. Lucia and St. Vincent.  Both islands have some unique things on them but each have some issues with either clearing in/out or pesky boat boys.  Will have to do more research and which anchorages we really want to stop at.




06/20/13; Beautiful Martinique

Martinique Island and our two anchorages

Around Fort-de-France

Hauled boats at Le Marin

Can you say catamaran,

Many boats in the anchorage

Day Dreamer