We spent only about 4 days in St. Lucia.  The main reason to stop, well, was to stop, and also for provisioning.  St. Lucia probably had the best grocery stores since Puerto Rico.  We went to the Mega J store, which is like a mini Costco and loaded up on some bulk items.  We also hit the Super J, which is an IGA food store for all the rest of the stuff we wanted.  We filled up in fuel in St. Lucia as well, so we dropped plenty of cash for that country.  St. Lucia

We left St. Lucia in the afternoon and headed south to Grenada.  We had heard good/bad info about stopping at St. Vincent and decided to go ahead and miss it on the way south.  It would have been expensive to check into and out of St. Vincent, and due to restrictions, and Sam would not be allowed ashore.  The sail south was very enjoyable, had winds of 15 to 20 knots and the seas were only 4 to 6.  As you can see in the picture of the boat there are some good waves.  We had a great view of the rest of St. Lucia and then had the company of several dolphins for awhile.  We passed the island of St. Vincent in the dark but we had a full bright moon to help illuminate the way, it was a very nice sail.  Along the way we had a flying fish land on the deck and not get back into the sea, as you can see it was not much of a meal.

On the trip down the coast,  Kris heard a noise and investigated it and found that our autopilot bracket was broken.  The aluminum bracket had just fatigued  over the last 20 years and finally had enough and broke.  In Grenada where we are anchored there happened to be an Aluminum boat builder/repairer and he was able to fix the bracket and we were able to reinstall it already.  Hopefully it will last another 20 years.

Grenada does have a few islands that make up the country and we are in the northern island, Carriacou, which is 20 miles north of the main island of Grenada.  We are playing here in the water and taking a few hikes in the hills near by and will travel down to the main island with in the next week.  In the anchorage there are four boats that have kids to they are having a great time playing in the water and enjoying the weather.  Two of the boats are from Italy and the spoken English is very limited but that does not seem to impact the play at all.

The other day we took a hike with the folks off of Day Dreamer.  They had taken the hike last year so they knew the road and trail we needed to take.  We were glad they lead the way because we would not have found it to the top of the hill without them.  We did see some wild life on the trip; goats, sheep, donkey, and a couple of turtles.  One turtle was almost at the top of the hill and was rather large while the smaller one was at the bottom of the hill.  We did have one casualty, Lisa off of Day Dreamer lost her hat, the winds were blowing briskly and one minute her hat was on her head and the next it was traveling over the cliff down the hill.  We looked for it but the trees/bush/steep hill did not allow much of a hunt for it.




06/29/13; Made it to Grenada     
St. Lucia south end
Hiking in St.Lucia
View from the top
Traveling with dolphins 
Now you see us ------
Now you don't

Not much of a meal

Play in the water

hiking at Carriacou

Our wildlife

Big turtle at the top of the hill

Small turtle at the bottom of the hill