Some of you might think we just sit around all day/week/month and read books, listen to music, talk to other cruisers, do school, and generally relax.  Well most of the time that is correct - but sometimes we actually do hard work. 

Just the other day we had to clean the bottom of the boat.  There are two ways to do this job, the first is have the boat hauled out of the water and clean it, usually with a high pressure hose.  The second way is to clean it while it is in the water.  If you don't ever clean your boat bottom, then the hull could start to look like the one in the picture with all the growth on it, not a very fast boat.

When we have hauled our boat we clean it,  and then apply new bottom paint to help keep things from growing on the hull.   The top left picture is just after we had hauled the boat this last time and the top right picture is after we had applied new bottom paint. 

To clean the boat in the water you grab a hand brush, your snorkeling equipment and jump into the water.  Your arm can reach about 2 to 3 feet into the water and so you scrub the boat with you head at water line.  After that you start to dive down, scrub for as long as you can hold your breath, come up for air and repeat.  To do one side of the takes a good 30 minutes and since we have 2 hulls and 2 sides per hull it takes a good 2 hours to get the bottom all clean.  Does not sound like much work but the diving and holding your breath while scrubbing takes a bit of practice, and gets quite tiring - not whining just informing.

So you see we are not just sitting around doing nothing here.  We will also have to clean and then wax the hull that is about the water.  You might think going through the water would keep the hulls nice and clean but not the case.  They also get dirty and more for looks than performance you need to at least clean the hull.  With the amount of sun we are getting it is also useful to protect the fiberglass with wax -  so you know the drill, wax on --- wax off, sore shoulders.

If you want to practice what living on a boat could be like, then next time you clean your shower, clean the upper half, and then everything below waist level, hold your breath, clean, then stand up again before you breathe.  While doing this, try to imagine fish swimming below and sometimes around you, and your shower walls moving back and forth with the wind. 




07/04/13; Not all fun and games   

dirty hull just after a haul out

nice clean hull with fresh bottom paint

bad hull with lots of growth, not our boat

the mighty snorkeling to clean the boat