It is hurricane season and the first hurricane/tropical storm that is close to Grenada has been named Chantal.  We have watched several develop that were west and north of us and did not worry about them.  There must be over 100 cruisers here in Grenada anchored out and the weather is a big part of the cruiser's VHF radio net in the morning.  Now that Chantal is coming closer the weather information and discussion has increased to two or three times each day.

With the internet there are many sites you can look at from NOAA to the one Kris found the other day that gives up to 30 different tracking models,  From all reports it looks like the hurricane will pass north of us, the only question is how far North.  The winds are showing up to 40 miles per hour sixty miles from the center so we are hoping the center will pass at least 90 miles away.

Today was the first day of "kids holiday week" on the beach here at Hog Island.  The event is open to all kids and is held from 8 am to 12 noon for the entire week.  There were over 20 kids there today, and not all that are here were able to make it today, hopefully they will be able to for the rest of the week.  It might rain a bit over the next couple of days due to the storm but tomorrow the kids are using snorkeling gear so I do not think rain will interrupt that activity.

So for the time being we will watch the weather, play on the beach, and maybe squeeze in a nap or two just so we are not too tired.

Kris got fed up with how long her hair was, especially with the hot weather, and finally got so fed up she asked Dean to cut it.  Well ---- hair grows, and she owns hats.  Really it is not that bad, at least it is shorter, and with the wind blowing all the time, you really can't tell what someone's hairstyle is anyway.




07/09/13: and the watch begins :)      

NOAA site tracking Chantal

Tropicalatlantic website showing lots of potential tracks the storm might take

our anchor spot, lots of protection from all directions