Well, as you know, we had to get some things fixed on the boat.  The big blow did some damage, and we had a list of things that we wanted to do once we got back to the states - but first we had some folks to visit.

We stopped at Rowayton, CT and saw a great fireworks show, and connected with our friends the Stolbas.  Derek was very happy to see his old buddies Chaz and Dylan, and ended up going home with the Stolbas for the next week.

Kris and Dean then took the boat to  Captains Cove Marina in Bridgeport, CT, which is where we had the boat before we left.  We caught up with lots of folks, who were nice enough to buy us dinner or lunch or have us to their homes for dinner.  It was really nice to see everyone, and a special thanks to John for letting us mail a bunch of stuff to his house, and for him bringing to the boat.

While in Bridgeport, we spoke with our insurance, and had a person come out and fix our electronics, so that is done - kind of - the bow depth instrument stopped working the day after he got it working.  Kris will putz with it for a while and see what she can do.

We moved down to Stamford, CT for the rest of the repairs to be close to Hathaway's Sails and rigging.  They have done a terrific job helping us out, getting obscure parts, and free advice on how to fix the stuff.  They are a bunch of great folks.  Also highly recommended is KAF Manufacturing. - a machine shop in Stamford that fixed the take off pulley for the engine while I waited and gave me a good deal on the price.  Great bunch of guys.

For you sailors, our list of projects is as follows: repair boom vang, repair boom gooseneck fitting, install new sheave box for jib, get new jib halyard, repair jib stitching and get new batten (lost at sea), order new camber spar for jib, fix bow depth sounder, fix radar, find machine shop to make new engine take off pulley, fix dinghy cover, new zipper in mainsail, resew jib cover zipper, install antifreeze overflows in engines, fix oil leak in starboard engine, replace broken shower pump, install new A/C pump, and the list goes on, but those are the big ones.

We have lots of things to order for spares, now that we know a bit more about what we need, and in another week we should have the boat mostly ship shape for the next year or so.  We have been working steady the whole week, and are feeling rather put out about it, as we are used to a much more relaxed pace, but it will be nice to have it all done.

Kris is excited about one purchase, we got a small washing machine for the boat.  It will only do a few things at a time, but will save on that big marathon laundry day at the laundromat once a month, and save some money in the long run.  Now we just need to find a plumbing store to get the fittings to hook it up.

One thing about cruising, is having a friend allow you to ship stuff to their house is a great treat.  We were able to pre order stuff and have it waiting for us in CT.  All projects take longer because there is no car, and you have to find a place to leave the dinghy, then walk to your destination and back, which leave less time on the boat for working.  Both Hathaways and KAF offered us rides, which was really great.  All our friends up here in CT have offered us rides, or let us ship stuff to their houses, and delivered it - can't say how much we appreciate that.




Update 7/11/12; Visits, repairs, maintenance and shopping
Derek with his friends Chaz and Dylan Just the small boat Queen Elizabeth 2 - we passed by her coming through the East River in New York City   
We aren't in the Bahamas any more
Repairing the boom gooseneck

Finally  - the alternator pulley problem fixed
The old broken and new jib sheave box
The new washing machine