The past few weeks have been rather crazy and hectic.  We had a tag/garage/yard sale on July 1st, after that we had numerous loads of stuff to the dump and to Goodwill with what was left.  Then small load after small load to the boat.  We thought we had down sized our stuff but after the many trips to the boat we will need to down size even more.

We took the boat on it's first sail of the year to Rowayton, CT the evening of July 2nd to watch fireworks with friends, and then back on the 3rd. Dean's last day of work at Bigelow Tea was July 5th, the house sale was finalized on July 7th, and we started to drive across the USA on July 7th at 5pm.  Now if you map quest the trip you are only looking at 2,500 miles or roughly 40 hours.  So being the adventurous types we took off the night of the 7th  and made it until 1 a.m. and then needed a couple of naps but by 5 p.m. on the 8th we were in Iowa City for a much needed sleep in a bed.  The second night saw us in Rawlins Wyoming and then into Boise Idaho on Sunday night around 6 pm.

Since we use to live and work in Boise there are many friends and family living here that we wanted to see prior to leaving on the boat trip.  Dean's brother Lee helped Kris move the boat last year from Charleston to Bridgeport over a two week period.  Since he lives in Boise it seemed only fitting to stay at his place for the three days we are here.  He is thinking of joining us in Jan/Feb for another boat adventure.  After Boise it is on to Bend, OR to visit Kris's family and then to Superior, Montana for Dean's parents.  On the way back to CT we will stop in Minneapolis MN to visit Dean's brother and family.

The gas prices have been rather interesting to watch, when we left CT the prices were around $4.20 and so far the lowest we have paid has been $3.33.  The trip through Nebraska was not as flat as I had pictured and every state has had their own identities.  It has been encouraging to see all the wind generating mills across the country and there have been trailers after trailers of new wind mill blades on the highway as well.  So far the only "bad" thing that happened was in Nebraska our trailer tire went, not a major blow out but we lost enough tread that we needed to pull over and change it.  The new tire was of course a different height so we ended up in Big O tire store and purchased two matching trailer tires.  Hopefully this is the biggest issue we have on the entire trip.

Derek has been holding out well and has been able to watch all the Harry Potter movies so he is ready for the last release on July 15th.




7/12/11 update
Cruising the USA in a 92 Jeep; 3 humans, 2 dogs, 1 cat
1991 Jeep Cherokee 4 Dr Briarwood 4WD Wagon