It has already been a month since we landed in Grenada, sure does not seem like it.  As with anywhere it is easy to get into a routine and the days just fly by.  We thought you might enjoy how our days fly by, if not sorry for the following update.

Sun rise is currently 5:52 am and the boat is bright and sleep is hard to come by.  That does not mean that we get up at that time but sleep is something that you have to work at by that time.  To be nice to others usually you head outside and sit in the cockpit and view the other boats and have breakfast.

Now breakfast on our boat varies from toasted wheat bread with lemon tea to Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal to white bread with nutella and yogurt.  It is up to the individual what they want for breakfast and it is a fix it yourself type of meal.

At 7:30 the local VHF cruiser net comes on the radio and that lasts for 1/2 to 1 hour depending upon how long people talk.  The net gives the latest weather and information on any hurricanes, any social activities that are going on either by the locals or other cruisers, and then parts/services/items of the bilge to be sold by other cruisers.  One of the services provided by the local businesses it the "Shopping Bus".  On Tuesday and Friday there are buses that go to the marinas where cruisers can board them and ride to the local grocery stores.  They cost $10 EC, about $3.50 US, for the ride to and from the store.  Usually one bus, it really is just a van, full of 15 cruisers to the store requires two bus trips on the return trip due to the extra shopping bags.

Around 8:15 Kris is jumping into the water for water aerobics, or noodleing as it is called here.  You use a swimming noodle to help you float in the water and then do water exercise.  The class is an hour in length and has 6 to 12 folks participating in it. 

Dean usually drops Kris off and then takes Sam for his morning walk.  There are several roads/paths that are available for the walk and depending upon how warm/humid it is the length is subject to change.  There are several other dogs on boats and usually one or two of them are encountered during the walk.  By the time Sam gets back to the boat he is ready for his morning/afternoon nap.

As this is going on Derek has been hard work at school.   Kris has laid out a daily school schedule and Derek has working on it and is eagerly awaiting the teachers to return and help him on his next subject.  OK maybe eager is too strong but Derek is happy when Dean and Kris get back to the boat to help him with school.

By this time it is lunch and Kris makes sandwiches or heats up leftovers for our dining pleasure.  After lunch, Derek usually heads to the beach with other kids, or they hang out at the boat swimming and jumping off the radar arch, or inventing other swimming games around the boat.  Dean and Kris may do some laundry, work on a boat project, do computer work, play a game, or just relax and read a book.  Kris usually finds time for a quick nap after lunch, and sometimes Dean is caught napping as well. 

Around 5:00 Derek comes home, Dean prepares dinner and we have time to talk as a family.  We usually watch a movie, or TV show and relax in the evening.  Derek likes to play on the computer, and Kris and Dean read or play computer games or just like to sit and watch the boats as the sun sets.




07/27/13; A "normal" week in Grenada


Swimming and playing off the boat

A typical "bus"

A tired dog

hard at school