Corn and more Corn
When we left Bridgeport CT I always thought the most common crop was wheat.  After driving to Oregon and back we saw corn fields in just about every state.  Looking at USA corn production web site it shows Ohio as the state producing the most corn in the US.  There were some wheat fields as well but I think the hay/grass fields probably took second after the corn.

The trip was over 6,500 miles and with the mighty 92 Jeep we had no problems.  The last morning gave us a down pour as we were getting ready so while we feed the dogs and packed Dean and Kris were drenched and had to change clothes prior to driving.  Each state had something unique about it like the state of Wyoming was loaded with trains and Iowa was heavy with wind mills.

We took a few extra days on the trip so are getting back on Monday and now the real work begins.  We need a trip to New England Electronics for our replacement autopilot controller.  A trip to Defender to pick up a bilge alarm, CO2 alarm, smoke alarm, a new fan for Derek, and line for the head sail.  We ordered the components for the Manta sling seat from JSI and that should be ready to install, at least attach it to the arch and then make the seat for it later.  We are carrying some free vinyl mesh material from Lee who had gotten it from us several years ago that will be used for the seat.  Go to the grocery stores and buy enough stuff to last us awhile.  Sell the mighty Jeep, Kris would love to keep it but has agreed selling it makes sense.  In selling the jeep we also have to take the license plate to the DMV, take the DMV receipt to our insurance company and then take the DMV receipt to the town hall so we do not have to keep paying taxes on it.  Of course do all that after the jeep is sold makes for long walks or having a friend drive you around all day.

So after our 18 day "vacation", 10 of which were driving, and after the last 6 days of final provisioning/projects the "What If" adventures can begin.  I think we might just anchor close by and take two days to sleep and slow down :)
Our last day at the dock is July 31st so on to the seas.




18 days and still speaking to each other