On Monday August 1st we sold our mighty 1992 Jeep Cherokee to Don Knecht the mechanic who has kept it running over the last 5 years.  Kris was very happy, as she was emotionally attached to the Jeep.

Derek has been into magic lately, and at the mini-shops in Bridgeport he found a great little shop with lots of magic tricks.  Of course he bought some, and has been giving magic shows to anyone who will watch.  On Sunday, the magician who runs the shop gave a show to the bar/restaurant at Captains Cove, and we went to see, we were all called up to be assistants in front of a crowd of a couple of hundred.  We had a good time, and figured out some magicians tricks as well.
We left Bridgeport and had an eventful couple of days.  When we left the sun was shinning and the winds were light, as we left the harbor and the rains started and the winds picked up speed.  Going past Bridgeport the rains stopped and the winds stayed steady so some sailing could be done.  As we got closer to Milford the winds died and we motored in and picked the best spot available.  Kris and Derek took the dogs in for their walk and bathroom break while Dean tried to fix the wash down system, another item on the project list.

We had a relaxing dinner and sat back and started to watch the movie Castaway, then the excitement began.  There was a storm on land moving past us and we could watch the lightning but could not hear it, close but not too close.  Then the winds shifted and picked up to 40 knots and started to blow us back towards shore, not a good thing.  We had anchored in 15 feet of water but it was the first time with the Manson Supreme Anchor and really did not want to put it to the test this early.  The anchor did a great job but the storm seemed to clock through out the night so the waves were coming from all angles and the sleep was difficult for all.  Might as well start the adventure with some excitement.

In the morning the seas were calm and no wind so we started motoring to the Thimble.Islands where we were going to stop for the night.    After an hour or so the winds picked up to 15 knots and we sailed for the rest of the afternoon.  The winds were so nice we continued all the way to Old Saybrook and picked up a free town mooring in North Cove.

On Wednesday we went into Old Saybrook and got some parts at West Marine.  Dereks head had stopped working,  so after a nasty job of taking it apart, we figured out we needed an new impeller.  Dean and Kris got haircuts and Derek browsed a thrift store for good deals.  We hit WalMart for some groceries, a local Ace hardware for some plumbing, and of course ice cream. 

When we got back to the boat, Dean started working on the head, with the electric motor.  We thought we had it back together, but when we ran the toilet it was pumping backwards (not a good thing).  So we took it all apart again, switched the pump and put it back.  It worked well, but leaked.  So apart again and added some gasket seal and hurray, only had to take apart 4 times total to fix it.  We were tired so ordered Pizza from Pizza Hut and had it delivered to the town dinghy dock.

 John McCraw came and joined us on Wednesday night, and Thursday morning we set sail for Block Island, RI.  Had some good sailing, and some good motoring, and made it in around 5:00.  While motoring around to look for an anchorage, Kris ran over another boats anchor rode, and got it caught under the rudder.  With some help from a couple of drunk happy guys in dinghy and mostly from a neighboring boat guy who put on a snorkel and mask and dove down to free us we were unhooked.  No damage to either boat, but mega damage to Kris's pride. 




We left
1st anchorage, Charles Island