On the cruisers net in the morning there are several taxi drivers that advertise different tours of the island.  We got together with 3 other boats who had kids and signed up with one of the taxis.   Joe George was our tour guide for the "half day".  We were picked up at 9 am and finally dropped off at 4:30 pm, a very nice/fun day and we saw a lot.

The island of Grenada is only 133 sq. miles but the roads are narrow, twisty, and hilly.  It took about an hour to drive from the south end of the island almost to the north end to the Chocolate Company, Belmont Estates.  The cacao bean is grown on the estate, fermented, dried and then shipped to the chocolate making operation just up the road. 

The estate has a tour that takes you through the entire process and talks about it's history since the 1600s and now is owned by a Grenada family.  The estate produces all organic produce and supplies several of the local restaurants with fresh produce.  We sampled the cacao beans fresh off the tree.  Smelled the fermenting beans, it takes five days to ferment and they are turned into a new bin after two days.  We even turned the cacao bean on the drying racks with our feet.  The beans are to be turned every 2 hours for 4 days.  Then the beans are ready to be bagged and shipped to the factory for grinding and molding into the chocolate bars.  The best part was the sampling of the chocolate, 60%, 71%, 82%, and the ultimate 100%.  We even tried chocolate tea.

After getting our samples and then buying the bars to take home it was back into the bus and onto the water falls.  Seven Sisters Waterfalls is very picturesque but we only saw two of the seven waterfalls.  From the bus it is a good 1/2 hour hike into the falls along a narrow trail but when you see the falls the hike is forgotten.  There are two pools and both are deep enough you can not touch bottom.  The sign at the start says no jumping but there were several jumps from other people.

Having our bus driver Joe telling us about the history and culture of Grenada was an added bonus.




08/05/13: Chocolate and waterfalls

Learning about the chocolate bean

Beans ferment for 5 to 7 days

Then they are dried and turned by "foot"

Many other items grown on the island

St. Margaret or Seven sisters falls

Our "taxi", which held 14 of us for the day
Click here to watch the video of a guy jumping off the falls.