Friday we  were taken out to dinner by Ed and Juliana Hill at their yacht club.  During the evening we thought we recognized John Ratzenberger, from the Cheers show.  I guess John R's brother belongs to the yacht club and will show up from time to time.  Well after ice cream the yacht club's launch took us back to our boat but had to stop and pick up another group, the Ratzenberger party.  As the launch came to our boat John R noticed the name and asked if we had ever saw a movie called "What If", John R was an actor in the movie.  A guard at Louisville, Richard, happened to give us the movie so we had already watched it and responded that he had been in the movie.  He offered to sign the boat but we left prior to that happening :(. 

Saturday 8/14 we took a group out for a sail around Bridgeport.  The boat was ready, people showed up and we motored out into the harbor, too bad the wind did not participate.  We bobbed around for a few hours, had lunch, toured the Bridgeport harbor and then motored back to Captain's Cove.  A very enjoyable day due to the people and nice weather but a bit more wind would have been nice.

Sunday we were leaving until the rains dumped and dumped, we decided that staying put was the best option (at least it was the driest).  So we sat and relaxed for the first time on our trip.  It rained all day and other than walking the dogs we stayed inside and read, played games, too a well deserved nap :).

Derek had two friends, Chaz and Dylan Stolba, come to the boat for the next 3 nights.  We rose early on Monday and started motoring in the early rain, again this rain stuff.  The wind did pick up some and and motored/sailed all day down to Port Washington, picked up a free town mooring and went swimming.  Dylan did kind of fall overboard on the way - read about that on the "Visitors" page.

The next day we motored from Manhasset bay through the East River past the Statue of Liberty and into Great Kills Bay in Staten Island, NY.  The sun finally came out.  Dean and the boys went swimming and to play on the beach, while Kris worked on the engine (yet again).  Check out our "Visitors" page to read more about Chaz and Dylans visit.

The engine had a small oil leak and small fuel leak, but both now fixed, and only took about 1 1/2 hours to do.  We also discovered that the bows which are partially foam filled, were also water filled, and we started the process of getting the water out.
Kris had been complaining about the bows being too heavy for a while, and tried to convince Dean that there was water in there, but Dean was not going for it.  Nagging finally paid off and a hole was drilled and voila - water.  Not to say Kris is gloating, but that would be the appropriate word.

Chaz and Dylan were picked up by their folks the evening of the 17th, and Mark and Laurie Stolba were kind enough to pick up some packages for us, and made a trip to Home Depot for supplies for us, and most importantly - were kind enough to stop at McDonalds on their way and get dinner for the What If crew, who some of them were having greasy french fry withdrawls.
Saying goodbye to friends is always hard, but we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.




and it begins
nights on the boat
Italian Ices on a warm day
The Stolba family: Mark, Laurie, Dylan and Chaz
Juliana looking good after a sail on "What If"