After a month in one spot it was time for a changeof view so we headed north to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  This country has one large island of St. Vincent, and several smaller islands generally called the Grenadines.   It is about 40 miles north, of where we were anchored, we had passed it on our way down, so decided to go back north and see some of it.   We battened down the hatches and along with Day Dreamer headed on a pleasant 40 mile sail up to Union Island.  After one night at Clifton Harbor we sailed/motored out to the Tobago Cays, one of the "must sees" in the Caribbean.

The Tobago Cays have an area that is a wildlife preserve for sea turtles.  Many people head there to dive with them. We were no exception, and spent two days anchored and snorkeling the reef, islands, and watching turtles.  The wind started to pick up and made the anchorage rolly so we took off for another 6 mile sail to Canouan.  Upon arriving it was time to spend another afternoon in the water.  We saw several different rays and even had a Manta ray swim past the boat several times, he must have recognized that our boat is a Manta as well.  We spent two days here but then had the itch to move but this time we went south 6 miles to the island of Mayreau.

After several more days it was time to head to Union Island but a different spot than where we checked in.  This time we anchored at Ashton which had big plans for a marina but they never finished it.  This would have been the biggest marina around the Caribbean but for some reason it stopped in the first 30% of it's construction.  The area did offer a great spot to sit out some of the windier days in very calm water.  It did not have good beaches or good snorkeling but we still spent 2 days there.
The kids found a sandy spot in about 8 feet of water that had hundreds of starfish.  The collected about 50 of them in a bucket for fun, but then put them all back so they would not die.

On Thursday we headed back to Carriacou which is the northern island of Grenada, so we could check back into Grenada.   From here we will work our way back to the southern anchorages of Grenada, it may take a week or so depending upon how the anchorages between here and there are.

We do a lot of snorkeling off and on, and we get to the point that it takes something spectacular for us to ooh and aah anymore.  We realize that many of you haven't seen what we have seen, so check out our videos and pictures to see the underwater world of the Caribbean and enjoy.




08/16/13;  Tobago Keys and snorkeling

heading north, looks worse than it was

calm anchorage at Union Island

swimming with the sea turtles

nice sandy vacant beach
We don't have a waterproof camera, so our friend Lisa off Day Dreamer was kind enough to share her photos with us.

Coral and fish

More coral and fish

Swimming with the school  (The clicking noise you hear in the video isn't a malfunction, that is actually the noise we hear of tiny shrimp, and fish eating coral)

Sea Turtle startled by rope

not every day is perfect
Sea Turtle swimming near bottom

Stingray swimming

Spotted Eagle Ray

Ray in the sand

a picture perfect day

Fish with folding wings


 fish with foldable wings
  Again, thanks to Lisa on Day Dreamer for sharing all her great underwater photography with us.