We came to Mystic Seaport in Connecticut for Derek's sailing lessons and have spent a great two weeks learning all about the Seaport and watching Derek sail out in the bay.

After watching some kids doing sailing lessons in Stamford while anchored there, Derek decided he wanted to take sailing lessons.  We settled on Mystic Seaport, CT because they offered lessons, and there was a place to anchor nearby.    Plus Mystic Seaport is just cool. 

Mystic Seaport, founded in 1929, is a outdoor museum which is a re-created coastal village.  There are  historic tall ships at anchor and a working historical shipyard. It has  living history shops and 19th century craftsmen, ranging from coppersmiths and printers to sail makers and riggers. The village's historic buildings were moved here from other New England locations. There are also maritime galleries and exhibitions as well as a planetarium, which has programs about celestial navigation.

The place we have anchored in for the two weeks has been in 4 to 5 feet of water, (ok sometimes the water is less than 4 feet and since our boat needs 4 feet of water sometimes we are sitting in the mud).  It has been a very calm anchorage and even with the couple of wind and lightning storms overall it has seemed like we have been on dry land.  The dingy dock is very close so walking the dogs has been very easy but the best part has been watching the sailing lessons out our front door step.  There are morning and afternoon classes so lots of sails moving round and when Derek was in his class the binoculars were close at hand.  Derek was able to sail a J 15 with one other student and now knows all the points of sail and is able to make his boat go where he wants it to.  The last couple of days they even had some races and he took 1st the first few times and then 2nd the second day.  He had a really good time, and we enjoyed the two weeks of hanging out and watching. 

Kris spent a bit of time touring the Seaport and going through all of the displays and buildings.

It is almost the end of August and while we have been here we have reduced our project list down to a hand full, I think the full list was around 150 items.  We are planning on starting the journey south but will be stopping along the Connecticut anchorages to meet up with friends.  Our next major event will be hauling the boat in Virginia to apply fresh bottom paint, how exciting.  This will be about a week with the boat out of the water and us living in it, not that fun but only a week.  After that it will be continuing south.




08/21/12; Mystic Seaport and Sailing lessons

Boats getting ready for sailing lessons

Some of the old ships at the Seaport

Our view from the anchorage

Horse and buggy rides at the Seaport

Walking the dogs

Goofing off
Early morning at the seaport
What If in the background