It seems like this trip has started with strange weather.  We left Block Island with 25 knots of wind and seas of 2 to 4 feet.  Ok that was fine and the boat did well.  We left Bridgeport a day later than thought because the rain was dumping but that was ok too.  We anchored at Staten Island at the Great Kills Bay and night after night watched lighting storms come close, none too close so we said it has to get better.  The last night at Barnegat Bay treated us to winds of 30+ but by morning had slowed to 15, the seas were rough but we had a good sail to Cape May, NY.  Now we thought the weather is on our side.

We planned on leaving Cape May on 8/25 to head up into the upper Chesapeake Bay.  Now with the impact of Irene the hurricane that is coming up the east coast we really need to be out of Cape May.  So we left with a Small Craft advisory and seas 3 to 5, winds of 25 to 30.  After a few hours we got into the middle of the Delaware River and things mellowed out except for the rain storms that came through.  When is the weather going to be on our side?

Oh yea let's not for get about the earthquake as well.  We were in the Cape May visitor center when the building started to move.  At first we thought it was our sea legs playing a trick but when the pictures started to move we knew better. 

Our plan to wait out the hurricane is to anchor in the Sassafras River, upper Chesapeake.  This will be our first, hopefully our last but doubtful, and so not sure what to expect.  Some forecasts are the hurricane will miss the coast and just hit Connecticut and other reports show it coming inland.  One of the reports we listened to said 50 to 60 knots of wind and 5 to7 foot seas, that would be on the coast.  Our hopes are lots of rain and a little wind, 10 to 20 would be ok.

8/27/11  hurricane plans update
I guess the other weather becomes very minor compared to the upcoming hurricane.  We are now headed back up the Chesapeake and Delaware Cannel to Summit North Marina, it is by Bear Delaware.  They are forecasting 4 to 6 foot waves/surge and winds up to 60 on Sunday.  This marina is noted as a hurricane anchorage so we are hoping for the best.  Will let you know more as we get internet.


We have sailed a few time and if you look at the instruments with 23 knots of wind we were moving at 7.3 knots, that is also with a single reef in the main (just for all you sailing folks :))




Lighting Storms, Small Craft Warnings, Hurricanes and Earthquakes